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How to setup autocad drawing page?


How to setup autocad drawing page?: We all plan the house in AutoCAD software. But it turns out that most prefer Autocad7. Where 2020 is getting a new version. However, whichever is more comfortable. There are many friends who are working on AutoCAD software but are having a lot of trouble setting up Auto Cad page. Can’t work properly. Since all work depends on the peg setup. Anyway, let’s see how to setup the page in Auto Cad software with image. We will see in the 2016 version of AutoCad software how to setup AutoCad page.

First of all we will open the AutoCAD Software 2016 version. After opening the AutoCAD Software 2016 version, you will click on tart drawing from Get Started. Then you will see in the image below that you will click on the icon of AutoCAD. Let’s take a look at Figure-1 below.


After you click on the AutoCAD icon, you will see Drawing Utilities here. Yes, now you can see the units by clicking on Drawing Utilities. Now you click on units here. Let’s take a look at Figure-2 below.


After clicking on Units, you will see another dialog box of units open. This name is drawing units. From here you can take the length of your choice from type. You can select decimal, architecture or engineering. Let’s take a look at Figure-3 below.


Then the next step is precision setup. Here you will make 0′-0 “from precision. To use in feet and inches which will be displayed in your drawing. Let’s take a look at Figure-4 below.


Then after setting the precision you will get units to scale inserted content below it. Now you select inches from unit to scale inserted content. Take a look at Figure-5 below.

Figure-5 below

After selecting the unit to scale inserted content from inches. You select international and click on OK button.

Now write limit from keyboard.  After entering the limit line you will get the specified lower left corner. Enter ‘0’ with a comma, enter ‘0’ there. Let’s take a look at Figure-6 below.

Figure- 6

This is your last setup. Now after entering with 0, you will see specify upper right corner 200 ‘, type 200 there and enter your setup complete.Let’s take a look at Figure-7 below.

Figure-7 below

You can easily make your drawing comfortable by adopting this method.



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