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How to take care of kids within the lock down?


How to take care of kids within the lock down?:  The whole world is locked down for the corona virus. Can’t do any work at home in lock down. What can you do? Your child is bothering you. The kids are very uncomfortable with the mischief. Can’t do housework in any way.

What to do? What is the way? On the other hand the housekeeper has been given leave for lock down. It is normal for you and your family to be locked up in the lock down. Can’t go out or move around. Again, if the child is two, then you have more problems. Can’t pay attention to the children’s studies with him. There is no end to the worries of those who will enroll the child in school in the future. Because you have to learn something before you go to school. However, here are some tips from this situation.

Focusing on studies

Lock down for Corona virus around the world. The child is not sent to school for education. Because school is an indefinite holiday. All the children who are going to school need to be prepared for the next test. Especially small children who are studying in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th class. The child will forget everything behind the lock down. Because the school is closed and the private teacher cannot come home. So you can talk to the child’s private teacher to avoid this problem. And discuss the child’s reading. Introduce the child to WhatsApp and talk to the private teacher to exchange home task through WhatsApp.

There are also many mobile apps through which you can take online classes. Such as zoom. This will greatly benefit your child from forgetting to study. In addition, you will sometimes give him 8-10 minutes to learn math. Install a mobile app for your child where your child can learn math very easily.

For class-1 child

Your child is studying class-1. Teach him math in a way that he enjoys. You can download the Class 1 Math App Complete Syllabus app for Class 1 children. Your child will identified the numbers very easily.

For class-2 child

This app is very nice for class 2 kids. Here your child will be able to learn everything in the syllabus. The name of the app is Math  for Class 2. In this app you will find Numbers Addition, Subtraction, Repeated Addition, Multiplication, Repeated Subtraction, Division, Shapes, Measurement, Money, Fractions, and Time. With this app, your child will be able to learn math very easily.

For class-3 child

Class 3 surely needs to achieve a lot from class 2 So it is more important to pay attention to your child here. Here you will notice nine mobile apps. There are three types of apps for class 3, according to your child’s board, you will download the math app to him.

1)    CBSE Class 3

2)     ICSE Mathematics (Class 3)

3)   imagine Math – Class 3

For class-4 child

The children of class 3 to class 4 have a lot more maturity and if you guide them lightly, they can do it on their own. So spend 10 minutes from your time for your child. Your child can easily become very good at math with your help. However, Math apps are given for class 4 children.

1)  CBSE Class 4

2)  ICSE Mathematics (Class 4)

3) IMO Grade 4 Maths

Education by Entertainment

Your child has not yet set foot in the school door. You will send him to school in the future but he needs some education first. In this case you can take your child to the TV medium. Yes, your child will be introduced to the characters by TV.

Such as Dave & Ava, Kachy TV, ChuChu TV, Little Baby Bum, Mother Goose Club, HooplaKidz, Cuddle Berries.

Also for the children of India Farmees, Super Supremes , Bob The Train, Boom Buddies, Baby Box ,iWiz Kids ,Super Kids Network.



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