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Hyundai’s upcoming Electric Vehicle Priced Under Rs. 10 Lakh with 200 Km mileage

Hyundai’s upcoming Electric Vehicle Priced Under Rs. 10 Lakh with 200 Km mileage

 Yes, friends, Hyundai’s cheap electric car with 200 km mileage is coming to India very soon, the price will be less than 10 lakhs. Hyundai’s electric car. The companies are continuously bringing electric vehicles to the country, which is why South Korean automobile maker this Motor India is also working on its vehicles in the EV division this time. Hopefully, this electric car will gain a lot of popularity among the buyers. According to a report, this company is planning to launch a very affordable electric mini SUV in India. This will be launched under Hyundai’s ‘Smart EV’ project.

Three electric cars will come under the ‘Smart EV’ project:

Friends, Hyundai’s Smart EV project has three low-budget electric vehicles that will be designed specifically for other developing markets, including India. However, the first model under this project is expected to be released next year. But it has no timeline. The price of this car will be fixed at 10 lakhs. Yes, the specialty of this car is that the Hyundai electric car will be able to give a mileage of about 200 kilometers on a single charge.

The new upcoming electric SUC is imported as CKD as opposed to the Hyundai Corner, but the South Korean carmaker has already confirmed the Nexo fuel cell electric SUV for the Indian market. The Hyundai Nexo comes with a 95kW fuel cell stack and a 40kW lithium-ion battery that will generate 160hp of power and 395Nm of torque.

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This SUV V is capable of holding 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 9.2 seconds. At the same time, its maximum speed will be 179kmph. For information, let us know that its hydrogen tank can be filled in 5 minutes. At the same time, it promises a limit of 600 kilometers once the tank is full.

The hatchback will match the price of the segment:

The new electric mini SUV you can easily use in cities. Because this car will come as an affordable alternative to petrol-diesel hatchback and crossover. In addition, the new Hyundai electronic small SUV will be designed on the modified ICE platform and is designed with low cost and better driving in mind.


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