Home Education In Australia, the search for ‘poisonous’ fungus(Poison Fire Coral).

In Australia, the search for ‘poisonous’ fungus(Poison Fire Coral).

In Australia, the search for ‘poisonous’ fungus(Poison Fire Coral): The most toxic fungus has been found in Australia. ‘Poison fire coral’ is a particularly deadly fungus, the first to be found in Australia. A sample of which has been found in Winsland, Australia.

A few days ago, experts at James Cook University warned everyone about this dazzling red fungus. Experts say eating is a distant thing, and not even touching it. “It’s one of hundreds of poisonous mushrooms known to researchers that can cause poisoning through the skin,” says Matt Barrett, an Australian Tropical Herbarium (ATH) mycologist at James Cook University.

Although many in the country mistakenly use it as a medicine. Some even drink tea after mixing it. Although this fungus is touched, in many cases there are various skin problems. The skin becomes red, the skin becomes inflamed. In Matt’s words, if one eats ‘this fungal fire coral fungus’, it can cause serious symptoms. Such as abdominal pain, vomiting, stomach upset, fever, body fatigue. At the same time, the skin of the face and hands can be crushed for several hours or days.
One of the world's deadliest fungi has been discovered in Australia's far north for the first time

‘Poison fire coral’ is the poisonous fungus in the world. Many people have died in Japan and Korea as a result of this. In all these countries, the fungus is mistakenly treated with tea as a medicine. Barrett says the skin starts to swell as soon as it touches the fungus.

Experts think it has grown naturally in Australia. Because the fungi are also found in Papua New Guinea and the islands around Indonesia.

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