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Irfan Khan’s Angrezi Medium film was released


Release of Angrezi Medium: Irfan Khan is a famous Bollywood actor. His performance has taken a huge place in the minds of the viewers. Currently, the whole world is engulfed by the horrors of the Corona virus. In this situation, all kinds of business, from small to big, are falling all over the world. From the stock market, the film industry is suffering a huge loss. But in the case of Irfan Khan’s Angrezi Medium that is different.

After the release of the film, the film was ordered to be closed at the Delhi court. When the horror of the corona virus spreads among the people, people will not go to the cinema in this situation.

The story of the Homi Adazania`s Angrezi Medium is that you have to face the difficulties of attending a foreign college. In the movie the parents try to show the relationship very closely. Irfan Khan is widely seen in the film. Also in the picture is Deepak Dobriel. The duo reminds of the Ram-Laxman pair.

Radhika Madan plays Irfan’s daughter in the film. Besides, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Dimple Kapadia starred in the film. However, a lot of their character has been lacking.

However, the picture shows that parents try to make their child happy with their last property. However, the child also needs to understand what is available to the key.

Irfan is the only parent here to tell the difference with this Hindi medium. She wants to fulfill her dream of fulfilling her self-esteem by not giving her a higher education permit. Generation Gap, Educational Qualification, English and English Languages. One of the moments of the film was Irfan and Radhika’s laughter. There was nothing short of a slapstick comedy of desperate attempt and irony in fulfilling her dream.


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