Home Entertainment Katy Perry :International pop star Katy Perry will visit India.

Katy Perry :International pop star Katy Perry will visit India.

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International pop star Katy Perry will visit India:International pop star Katy Perry is coming to India at a music festival. He will perform on November 16 at the festival which will be held in Mumbai.

Katie arrived in India in early 2012. He played in the inaugural T20 League in Chennai. Earlier, he decided to come to India in the 2008. At that time, her ex-husband Russell Brand proposed to her at the Taj Mahal and they were both married in Rajasthan. However, after two years, the two divorced.

“I am very happy to be back in India and very excited about my performance in Mumbai,” Katie said in a formal statement. It is noteworthy that Katie recently released her music video ‘Harley in Hawaii’ which has been viewed by over 14 million people on YouTube so far. Along with Katie, English pop star Dua Lipa is about to perform at the music festival.

Lets see the you tube song and some Instagram post.




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