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Lisa Ray gifted a beautiful poem on Instagram


Lisa Rani Ray gifted a beautiful poem on Instagram: Lisa Rani Ray is born on 4 April 1972 in Toronto. She is an Indian Canadian actor, Lisa, who began her career in modeling at 16 years age , changed her life from cancer to cancer. Lisa told everyone at the Toronto International Film Festival in May that she was suffering from a cancer called multiple melanoma. Lisa was diagnosed with cancer at 2009, and then she recovered. And now doing the movie again.
He first made a music video called Afreen Afreen. Then, she made her acting debut in 1996 in the Tamil film Nathalie. In 1996, he starred in a Kannada film, Yubaraj on 2001. Then on 2001, she has started her Bollywood career with Hindi cinema Kasoor. Then she again gave Hindi cinema to the audience till 2016-2019. Ishq Forever, Dobaara and 99 Songs were filmed.

In 2006 Lisa Rani Ray received the Return of the Year performer. The X-rated critique company’s 2006 award was her best return. His 2009 AVN Awards – Milf / Cougar Performer of the Year and 2০০9 AVN Hall of Fame inductees.

Even now, the world is locked in a horror of corona virus. Everyone in the room is like that. However, social media is currently the best friend of all. Even without social media, everyone is always boring. Social media is now the main means of communicating with girlfriends. In this social media, everyone posts some of his own words or poems. Lisa Rani Ray likewise put some of her own words into poetry on social media. She has transformed her poetry into a beautiful story. He said in his poem, there was no earthquake in my house or in my house.

Then how is the photo in her room. The story of his poem is…

 I’ve been staring
at a fallen photo in my bedroom.
a week
and I still haven’t picked it up
and set it back
where it stood before.
I can see the right corner of the frame
wedged behind the bureau
like the ankle of a man buried in earthquake rubble.
But there was no earthquake here
in my bedroom.
So how did it fall?
And now fallen
perhaps it should stay
the way of all things that have come into the world before
and fallen
like armies and ideals, Communism and the American Empire.
Like my youth.
There’s just something I suppose.
a broken, plunging wish,
in all the unpick able things.

I’ve been staring at a fallen photo in my bedroom. Everyone will go into a fictional world to read the poem. In today’s age, there is less text that will take you into the world of fantasy. However, let’s take a look at her Instagram post.


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