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Lock down USA, including India,to avoid corona


Today the world is shocked. Every human being is terrified. China is starting to die here. It is shaking the world today. In all the countries, the country has made a big warning to the main people.

Different countries of the world have taken the dire situation. Italy, America, Spain, France and other countries.

At this time, the total number of infectious coroners in the world is -422878, the total number of deaths worldwide is -18,903, but many of the infectious diseases have recovered.

The number of infectious is constantly increasing. Italy currently has a total of -69176 cases, and the total death toll is -6820. But the infectious US is growing day by day. According to worldmeters report Total cases-54881, yesterday there is new infectious-11100. So far there have been 780 deaths.

Not only that, the number of deaths in Spain is steadily rising. So far Spain’s death toll has risen to 2991.

After Italy and Spain, the infectious US is increasing day by day. In this situation Geneva’s spokeswoman Margaret Harris said the infection rate in the United States had increased dramatically. He said, “In the last 24 hours until Tuesday, 85 percent of new victims are in Europe and America. Only 5 percent of them are in the United States again. “Margaret added,” Now we see that the infection is increasing in the United States. So there is considerable potential to become a centre of mass.

This situation is intended for the public in different ways. Not only did they stop there, lock downs were issued in multiple provinces to maintain social distance. President Donald Trump himself has called for residents to stay home. He said all efforts were underway to keep food and other essential commodities at bay.

In view of the situation in the US, Italy, the Prime Minister of India has announced a lock down across the country from today (25/3/320).



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