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Mordani 2: The story of the IPS officer.


Career of Rani Mukharjee: Rani Mukherjee entered the movie with ‘Biyer Ful ‘. She was the main character in the movie. Her acting career was praised by many short films in her career. And gained a different position in the industry through his work. In 2004, Rani began the most successful period of Mukherjee’s career. At the 50th Filmfare Awards of the 2005, Mukherjee won both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress and became the only actress to win both awards in the same year.

The release of the rape incident in Hyderabad and Unnao today has led to the release of Marduani 2.

Now her new cinema Mardaani-2 release on 13/12/2019. First time Mardaani, released in 2014, was directed by Pradeep Sarkar and produced by Aditya Chopra.

Mordani 2: The story of the IPS officer.

 IPS officer Shivani Roy has reached Kota from Mumbai. This Rajasthan city is the center of preparation for IITs across the country. There are many success stories in this city. Upon arriving in the city, Shivani finds out about the horrific rape and murder. Sunny, a young man and a mentally retarded man, he not only rapes women, he is happy even when he is a victim of sadness or as a victim of suicide.

Shivani followed this man with confidence and, after being announced in the news of Shivani, now this man has got a dangerous frenzy about Shivani and he is constantly committing heinous crimes. The thief-cop race is becoming very deadly and the final image of the film compels people to be shocked.

Rani  Mukharji said, “The film will see a woman cop fighting a pure evil of a person to end crimes against women. As we all know, Navratri stands for the victory and battle of good over evil across India.”

Rani Mukherjee plays her role as an IPS officer in the movie, and how a feminist woman has to survive in a powerful system, she was able to express the expression associated with this national duality.In this film, 21-year-old Vishal Jethwa draws attention from his first film. Bollywood’s career as a terrorist started a while back, as a huge childhood tragedy like Jim Sarb plays a perverted person. They are cool about their own opinions and deception

The film is screenplay, dialogue and directed by director Gopi Puteron. It makes for a great feeling when you see the movie at the end. Due to the great quality, many scenes have become great. There has been a lack of war between the villain and the main leadership. Although the story of a lonely woman struggling with the system has seemed dramatic and clear in many places, the huge character also seems far from real on some occasions. The cinematography has succeeded in highlighting the character of Shivani and Vishal.

Tanishaa Mukerji wish to rani and she say that its a inspiring more women to stand up and fight.

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