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My food is blood

Image by Dipankar Gharami

That day was 10 May 2019.

Running around with busy …

Running was running, just pulling a life!

A bunch of hope…

The dream of bound and boundless boundaries.

Life goes on for life,

He ran around hoping for a pouch of blood.

I realized a lot in those days!

Someone donates blood in the hope of giving life,

Again someone burns the stomach.

At first one of my problem companions was a driver.

The needs of blood are met by him.

My demand continues to grow!

Then not one, not two, but four.

That day was 18 May 2019.

I got a elder brother ‘s phone, a house donor’s name.

There is no way to call them that I am alone.

Another phone call.

Let’s go to you from home …

The flight is only an hour away.

The distance also seems short due to the love of a friend.

I said don’t come, I’m here …

I am very familiar with unfamiliar places.

Another call on the phone …

In a trembling voice,

You know you won’t give blood.

I ran to the side, smiling …

Hey, you know the doctor won’t take my blood.

Suddenly the nurse came and said that blood had been found.

His restless mind slowly calmed down.

I told him ……

Whatever I pay, you eat.

He took my hand and said, “Don’t you understand yet?”

My food is blood …… my food is blood……


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