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NASA Probe Finding a New Magnetic Process in the Turbulent Space


NASA Probe Finding a New Magnetic Process in the Turbulent Space: Scientists are working with a NASA probe that is investigating how the Sun’s and Earth’s magnetic fields connect, and disconnect has to uncover a new type of magnetic event in our near-Earth environment.

NASA Probe Finding a New Magnetic Process in the Turbulent Space

Launching in the year 2015, the Magnetospheric Multiscale is consists of four identical spacecraft that orbit is around Earth through the dynamic magnetic system surrounding our planet to study a little-understood phenomenon is known as magnetic reconnecting.

Magnetic reconnection is a phenomenon unique to the plasma, that is the mix of positively and negatively charging particles that is make up the stars, fills the space and account for an estimating 99 percent of the observable universe.

The discovery, details in the journal Nature, found reconnection where it has never seen before in turbulent plasma.

For the study, the scientists are using an innovative technique to squeeze the extra information out of the data.

In the plasma universe, there are two essential phenomena magnetic reconnection and turbulence, says Tai Phan.

The senior fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, and lead author on the paper.

This discovery bridges these two processes, Phan says.

The finding of reconnection in turbulence has implications, for example, for studies on the Sun.

It may help scientists understand the role magnetic reconnection plays in heating the inexplicably hot solar corona in the Sun’s outer atmosphere and accelerates the supersonic solar wind.

Magnetic reconnection is one of the essential processes in the space around Earth.

This fundamental process dissipates magnetic energy and propels charging particles.

Both of which contribute to a dynamic space weather system that scientists want to understand better, and even someday predict.

Reconnection occurs when crossed magnetic field lines snap, explosively flinging away nearby particles at high speeds.

Magnetic reconnection has observed innumerable times in the magnetosphere the magnetic environment around Earth but usual under the ease conditions.

The new event occurring in a region is known as Magnetosheath.

Outside the outer boundary of a magnetosphere, where the solar wind is extremely turbulent.

Previously, scientists do not know if reconnection can even occur there, as the plasma is highly chaotic in that region. Magnetospheric Multiscale found it do.

So, these are the points to describe on the NASA probe finds a new magnetic process in the hard space.

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