Home Technology New electric scooters on the market with 25 kilometers per hour.

New electric scooters on the market with 25 kilometers per hour.


New electric scooters on the market: At present, the recognition of electrical vehicles continues to grow. Besides, the utilization of moped bikes is additionally increasing day by day. numerous companies are now making these moped bikes. Recently, a well-liked company during this market, Techo Electra, has brought a replacement electric moped bike. it’s been named Techo Electra Saathi.

Features of Techo Electra Saathi:

You will get some interesting features during this electric moped bike. These include a central locking system with an anti-theft alarm and fast charging with rear baskets. The new Techo Electra Saathi moped is provided with telescopic suspension, black alloy wheels, 10-inch tubeless tires, and drum brakes.

Size and range of Techo Electra Saathi:

The Techo Electra Saathi moped features a length of 1720 mm, a width of 620 mm, and a height of 1050 mm. The Techo Electra company claims that when fully charged, the bike will run 60-70 kilometers. This bike has been given a BLDC motor. Without batteries, this moped weighs 50 kilograms. and therefore the top speed of the engine of this bike is given as 25 kilometers per hour.

The battery of Techo Electra Saathi:

The most important its battery. you’ll get a 48 volt 26 Ah lithium-ion battery. This battery takes 3-4 hours to completely charge. The battery of this bike is going to be fully charged at the value of just one.5 units of electricity. the worth of 1.5 units of electricity is around 12 rupees. therefore the company claims that if you employ this bike and spend only 12 rupees, you’ll go 60 kilometers on the road.

Price of Techo Electra Saathi:

The on-road price of this moped in Pune city has been kept at Rs 57,697. you’ll book this moped bike by visiting the official website of the corporate. Techo Electra Company will start sale from the second week of September.


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