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How to protect your data from browser

How to protect your data from browser

If you want to keep browsing the web, you can use Serial mode in Chrome, Firefox in Personal Browsing, InPrivate mode in Microsoft Edge, and much more.

While this can prevent people using your computer to view your browsing history, it does not prevent the ISP from monitoring the websites you visit. You may want to – for any – internet searches with an anonymous, and this is what Tor Browser offers.

Going to Router Onions, Tor offers various levels of protection to ensure online activity, location and identity are fully stored. Here are the steps you need to follow to install and use Tor Browser

Start by downloading and installing Tor Browser. Click Finish when the installation is finished, and Tor will be launched for the first time. You will receive the settings dialog that is used to control how you connect to the Tor network.

In some cases, you can only control the Connect button, but if you connect to the Internet through a proxy you have to click the Configuration button to enter the settings.

Get online with Tor

There was a delay when Tor made a connection to the network via a transmitter – a program that reminds that the initial connection can take up to several minutes – but once it has been created, the Tor Browser will launch ready to use.

Tor is based on the same code as Firefox, so if you use all the Mozilla web browsers, everything should be quite normal. Even if you have not used Firefox before, you will not have to wait long before you start at home – no different from people like Edge, Chrome and Safari.

Select your security level

Before you begin, it appears that using the Tor Browser is balancing between privacy / security and web usage. By default, security is set to Standard – though it’s still safer than any other web browser.

If you want to add this, click the icon icon on the left side of the address bar and select Security Settings. Use the Security Level slider to select your desired protection level, keep in mind the features that may stop working on the site you are visiting.

Change your tabs

To get the most out of Tor, you have to change some of your browsing policies – the one you search engine for.

Instead of choosing people like Google and Bing, the recommendation is that you will turn to Disconnect.me instead. This is a site that prevents search engines from being online, and you can use Bing, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo.

When we are in the changes, you also need not install the browser extension, because it can open personal information.

 Understand the Tor circuit

When you search the internet, Browsing browsers can help you stay safe by preventing direct connections to your website. However, your connection is played on various glands in the Tor network, with each jump showing an anonymous.

This is not just a matter of course but it’s not possible for a site to track anyone and anywhere, also responsible for slow performance when observed by Tor.

If you feel bad performance or a site that does not exist anymore, you can start a new Tor circuit by clicking the hamburger icon and selecting the ‘New Tor circuit for the site’, which will force Tor to find a new route to the site.

Create a new identity

New circuit selections only apply to current active tabs, and you may want to network a more privacy security. Click the hamburger icon and select ‘New Identity’, taking a note that will close and restart Tor to get the new IP address.When you connect to your site using Tor, you can find what is called pop-ups.

How to use the best window 10 tablet mode

How to use the best window 10 tablet mode

Leading to stock, we have unmatched access to Windows 10 from the Microsoft Insider program, which is actually a way for developers and early users to test the system as they move through the version.

Throughout this process, Microsoft spoke about a new activity called Continuum. You’ll see that this name is not used in a new feature now called ‘Tablet Mod’.

However, these two names provide guidance on new features designed to do, and provide a good experience for Windows technology users. With more than 2-in-1 PCs / tablets available (and more standard laptops with touch screens), Microsoft wants to find the way to Windows 10 to suit the environment.

So we are with Tablet Tablets. On the other hand, it is the answer of Windows 10 to cover the gap between the touch and use the keyboard and conventional mouse; There is nothing good with Windows 8.

In Tablet Mod, the new Task View feature becomes an important and noteworthy use. Image Credit: Microsoft

The touching subject

The problem with Windows 8 is that they update their contacts. Keyboards and mouse users are considered second-class citizens. Download in Windows 8.1 far to solve this problem, with elements like task bar appear at the top of the Start screen if you want.

The problem with Windows 8 is deeper, because there is a confusion in other areas, such as Charms. The Charms bar is axial in Windows 10, but has a role to play for the tablet and, in some ways, they know the retrograde to turn them all back to the Taskbar and Start menu.

How to use the Windows 10 Tablet Mod?

But in other ways it is not, and the important Tablet Mods exist; It helps Windows 10 become a touch friendly when you want it, and it does not become a touch friendly when you do not. It is also designed to bring a more consistent user interface across all Windows 10 devices and does not have Dual desktop mode and Start screen, as we are on Windows 8 and 8.1.

This process can be automated. In short, the Tablet Mod detects whether a keyboard is on your PC or not. When the keyboard is compromised, the tablet is a tablet and can be launched automatically from this, even – see the Tablet Mode settings setting in this guide for more information.

You can manually enable it if you want. This can be assumed that the separator is not working properly or you want to use your screen like a tablet (even if you still have a keyboard).

As is the most commonly used setting, Tablet Mod can be launched via the button in the Action Center. The Action Center in Windows 10 is designed to be home to Notifications and does whatever it takes to install application settings.

Click on the Center Actions icon in the Notification area to launch and then select ‘Tablet Mod’ from the options below. It’s easy to display with other switches that can be changed and turned on like Flight Mode, Wi-Fi, Location and Bluetooth, and download any of your Notifications from applications.

How to use tablet screen mods Windows 10

You can divide the screen between applications and set separators as in Windows 8.1. Image Credit: Microsoft

Do you need a tablet for Tablet Mod?
One of the best things about Tablet mods is automatic. It does not necessarily have to be and you can start it manually. Of course, no one touches anything, it’s a choice to use it even if you have a device without touching it.

We are surprised by this, but Microsoft has been thinking of not being able to do this way. Even though Tablet Mod is useless on the device can not be detected, it can be used in standard laptop, which can not remove the keyboard.

How? Well, let’s you make a stage or you want to use a touch screen to choose the music at your party; you can replace your laptop as a device that is used for use

Basic steps for improve a website’s Google ranking

Basic steps for improve a website's Google ranking

SEO is often said to be closer to art than the subject of science, especially as it changes so fast. Because of the relative turbulence of Google’s search process, the frequency of algorithm updates and the number of variables involved, there is also a serendipity element.

Historically, some techniques have given SEO a bad name, but there are several easy ways to keep your site useful from natural search results – and this guide can act as a basic checklist.

What are organic results?

Searches can be classified as organic (natural) or paid. Natural organic (natural) results naturally occur on search engine result pages (SERPs) and high results depending on the technical construction of your site and its content.

Paid earnings, often referred to as Pay Per Click or PPC, can quickly communicate the decision of the website owner to pay, and usually appear above the organic list. Research shows web users choosing organic listings for paid listings, as they are more relevant and reliable.

The goal of SEO, then, is to improve the performance of your organic listing, which in turn will increase traffic to your site.

Web index search engines use large groups of computers that use computer programs, known as bots, to web spiders by following links on web pages. This URL is grouped into the search engine index and this index is requested every time a user performs a search.

Search engines use complex math equations, known as positioning algorithms, to order search results. Google’s algorithm only relies on more than 200 individual factors to determine the outcome, in which order, to return to its web searchers.

Organic SEO can be divided into two more categories. On page: Code and content you use to manage and submit your webpage. Off-page: External factors affecting SEO.

This is primarily centered around link building – find other pages to link to your content. Here, we will focus on optimization methods on the base page, all of which are under your control.

In June 2019, Mailonline, one of the world’s largest news sites, saw its traffic diminished overnight as Google recorded one of its core update algorithms.

This drop is very clear that SEO website director, Jesus Mendez, made a public suspension in Google’s own webmaster forum.

This is different compared to many of its competitors, according to independent search analysts, seeing their increased visibility of Google.steps to succeed

To ensure that your site 

The most important thing is to maximize accessibility to keep search engines able to find all your content. You can help Google get out by providing a sitemap file (called sitemap.xml) that lists all of your content and how often it is updated. Visit the Webmaster’s web site to provide this information to Google.

The other is to wait for search engines to search through links to you from other sites; This usually happens when crawling and usually longer.

Make sure you do not block search engines from indexing your web pages using the robots.txt file from the Robot Exclusion Protocol, which is used to provide search engine bot directions. More information about this can be found here.

Duplicate pages are a bad thing, and creating pages that specifically track Googlebot (Google’s web crawler tool) and deliver something that’s designed for it is an absolute no-no. Deleting duplicate content. This may be due to how your server is organized or how your CMS works with its contents, but in the same way, it needs to be addressed.


How to increase your website performence

How to increase your website performence

See all around the internet, and you’ll find many well-known statistics about the time people are ready to wait for any website to load before it gets lost (in this case, do not always blame the web hosting provider).

People who have a broadband connection keep the website appearing almost instantly, and even consumers do not have patience.

According to research

the maximum load time for the page is three months, although the main site is nearer to multiple – or more. And if you are more than 10 seconds, the majority of people can leave the site and go to another place.

How long a website is required to appear in the browser, depending on the factors shared between the server and the client’s device at the end.

Although it is not possible to annihilate all users because of the things outside the control of web designers, practically to make the website maximum, it can improve performance for the majority of visitors.

Enhanced speeds can be determined in different ways, but there are three main pillars to improve site performance. This is enhanced hosting, site optimization, and some specific thinking platforms.

The importance of hosting

The number of websites that are designed for web hosting usually matches the number of visitors they expect on a day, the motivating factor within each time period and the number of pages they view.

This is the main cause, along with safety concerns, only once the website of the website is internally.

Usually, web hosting is a ‘virtual’ that is not special for special devices for websites – on the contrary, it is shared with other sites through conversation.

Beauty has this solution that more resources can easily be allocated to the site when the demand is high, the hosting agreement allows this flexibility.What is important to make decisions is the projects you want to receive, and improve your service fairly.

If you have a website that is rapidly developing, but because hosting level, the incident becomes unresponsive when event visitors arise, this can damage the entire project. Therefore, designing to start a small scale and then when the site is experiencing maturity.

Site optimization

The website’s performance is strongly dependent on the way it’s built, and the technology tools it uses.After you have a site prototype, one of the users you need to do is to display each page about the time it takes to load. There are many tools available to measure performance pages, and some will check the time to identify what’s happening on the site.

This exam is not just what you need to do on a single PC, because visitors will come from different locations, with different connection paths, and will use various devices.

Critically, mobile platforms are tested on Wi-Fi and mobile connections. So, in a good environment, it can produce deeper geography and important information.

After you have compiled this data performance, it’s time to go back to the website and see what changes can be made to improve the user experience.

Below is a list of key guides that make websites easy to handle.

Multi-source glass

If the page includes elements coming from other places, including advertising, this can have a dramatic impact quickly. Pages become dependent on how quickly the elements from outside the site are sent, pumping issues to achievement issues.


Get free legal content for website

Get free legal content for website

Getting an important web site can be valuable training, especially if you need an important website created from below. However, building a site is just the beginning of all costs (not web hosting).

Attracting visitors requires new content to be added regularly. Write fresh and relevant content for your website as a full-time project for many, and often unrealistic for those who have more tasks to produce weekly posts that can jump up to one or more.

Fortunately there is a free source of content that can be used on the website, though not all sites can take advantage of everything.The blog site is best suited for evaluating this resource, but it can also be useful for providing free graphics, texts and music to other types of websites.

To be clear, the content we mention is not found in front of your site to attract people – so what will be used to fill deeper pages and make your site look bigger.

However, we must clarify that the content does not conform to the same standards of professional-designed materials – the other is much, but it is free.Before signing in, we must also show that using unauthorized work may have serious legal implications, so that you may use any copyrights completely.

Given everything in mind, here are six ways to get free content for your website.

 Free articles

There are people who like to publish, and they donate to sites like EzineArticles, where you can find written content about the different subjects you can buy for free.Currently, the website claims to have more than 500,000 experts providing a freely available project option.The contents remain on the EzineArticles.com page where you connect.

We tested the service by conducting search on the topic of ‘boardboard’ and produced 740 articles related to navigation, although nothing special about creating a space.

The inexact subjects produce more potential content, and sometimes the site determines what is needed.

Desired, the quality of this article is often bad, and may appear on many other sites you have found before – but free.

EzineArticles is not just a free article source. Here are five popular people, although we think that some content will be duplicated on this site.

Free graphics

Providing the right graphics without copyright can be difficult. But there is also a very good source that allows images that can be freely used without permission.

These are just a few of the websites that offer graphic bitmaps and images that can be used independently. There are others too.

Negative Space

In addition to pixel-based graphics, there are also free graphic sources of free copyrighted vectors that can be easily segregated to whatever size you need.
Here are some to get you started.

Music without copyright

Adding music to a video makes a great difference in the profession, and using commercial soundtrack can be costly.

Fortunately, there are many free resources that can provide music that does not come with a great price tag, although some can get artist recognition on credits or notes.
Here is a link to me