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Note taking app of 2018

Note taking app of 2018

Smartphones provide exceptional flexibility for home users or business users, no less than the abundance of available applications. No matter if you just want to write a shopping list, make a creative note, or take a minute and a business memories, there are many options available.

This is no less than Android as the most widely used operating system for smartphones, with more than 85% of market mergers making it a very important platform to have the tools you need and want to use.

Whether you are just typing text, writing stylus, or writing with your fingers, there are many different note taking apps for Android out there.

There is more to concentrating on just getting quick notes, while others come with other features and functions that can make your smartphone a digital notebook or workbook.

Therefore, we will see what’s best in the app getting notes for Android, according to different features and different usage options.See also the best productivity apps for mobile


Multiple supportServices platform with Microsoft OfficeFreeNot format is very advanced
For decades ago, Microsoft has mastered the software scene, and things have not changed right now.

Shown as part of the Office productivity family of apps, OneNote is one of the most popular and affordable capture capture applications you can get. This application can be many, if you want to get information from email or create Excel tables.

This application is a multi-platform affair connected to the cloud, which means that if you have written some notes on your laptop, you can pull the meeting over the smartphone. OneNote can be used on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

The Android app is easy to use and works as a flexible canvas, allowing you to type, write handwriting, draw and any clips on the web. Moreover, you can scan the paper notes and make them search through OneNote. To manage notes, you can create labels, labels, task lists and touch-up items. You can also base notes on their importance.

OneNote allows collaboration, allowing you to share virtual laptop with anyone. People can leave comments and follow the questions in your notes as well. The best thing about OneNote, however, is free to download as it displays premium capabilities.


User feature that takes strong feedbackEvernote is a respected and powerful productivity app. This is described as an organization planning application that allows you to take notes and handwriting, create a task list, scan documents with the camera, and collaborate on content with others.

What’s interesting about Evernote is the use of various media. For example, you can create a note in the form of text, or as a subject, photo, audio, video, PDF or web clip.

Like OneNote Microsoft

this application is supported by cloud technology. That means you can sync content on all devices from your computer to your tablet and phone. In other words, if you start a task on one of your devices, you can deal with other people.

With Evernote, you can create, share and discuss content with your co-workers as well. This application is now free to download.

ransomware here to grow the city

ransomware here to grow the city

Since early May, Baltimore has been disabled by large ransomware attacks that have ravaged many IT systems in the city. This attack has ‘closed’ the computer cavities, causing all the disruption of water bills to auctions of real estate sales.

The hackers at this end need 13 bitcoin – roughly $ 100,000 – to modify this critical IT system. The majority of Baltimore city, Jack Young, reveals openly that no compensation will be paid.

But even though the FBI, Secret Service and several cybersecurity experts are hardworking to deal with, new reports indicate that the attacks will make the city more than $ 18 million.

Some weeks ago, Krebs on Security cited sources saying “not too much” that Blue Eternal exported was used to spread Ransomware Robbinhood, downloading a previous report that included Baltimore’s ransomware into hacking devices created by the National Corporate Secretary (NSA) Agency and letting it go past.

Local governments 

According to recent DBIR Verizon reports, ransomware accounts almost 24 percent of all attacks related to malware in the industry.

Furthermore, the separation report of Beazley Group 2019 states that a 105 percent increase in ransomware notice from the first period of 2018 to the layover period of this year. Additional payments also increased. The Beazley report shows that the average payment at the beginning of 2019 – $ 224,871 – has exceeded $ 201,328 $ 116,324.

As shown by the Baltimore attacks, state and local government looks like ransomware. Cyma’s Cybersecurity Cybersecurity’s new Record of Future has published a fun study on raising ransoms of government and state attacks that lead to significant infrastructure and processes.

It was reported that the reported attacks on state and local governments surged 39 percent in the United States in 2018, and many of these attacks were opportunistic: in most cases, strikers “traps” on public sector entities when searching for vulnerable targets.

Despite this fear of trends throughout the pool, England is not much better. The latest Cyber ​​Security Surveillance Survey by the UK government shows that 27 percent of businesses and 18 percent of the charities that were assaulted in the attack last year have been attacked by ransomware, making it an important threat.

And while other phishing techniques like the phising become popular with hackers, ransomware can cause damage to your organization more importantly. So, 58 percent of businesses and charities more often state the negative results of ransomware than other types of attacks.

How do we handle the threat ransomware?

Although there is no ‘appropriate size’ approach to ransomware, there is a step by government agencies and companies that they can take to reduce the risk of malware (such as robbinhood) from a widespread and severe system.

Back up all important data

This may look like a basic point, but it’s amazing how many organizations do not do this regularly. Prioritize important data for your organization and always support that if the file is locked and stored for the fee, you can still store (at least partially) your business moving.

Do not stop posting

The consistent endpoints and servers dramatically reduce surface attacks, making compromises much lower. If you have not finished, stop what you’ve been doing and quickly sync Microsoft SMB (too) up to 1 or use the MS17-010 patch. And take one step further

Best apps in apple ipod pro

Best apps in apple ipod pro

IPad Pro is the main entry of Apple into the business market, with the aim of expanding the user base while creating the mobility and flexibility of IPad Pro to promote business use. And in this sense, it works, with private companies and government agencies making the iPad use a lot of tools every day in the office.

There are several office gadgets for iPad Pro, and when its multimedical feature is very powerful, one of the easiest and most important is the ability to take notes and minutes of business meetings, among other possibilities. IPad for business will only be a good prospect as the used software.

Here we will see some of the best in software for iPad. Whether you are home only looking for a good text program, or someone who needs a pro-business typing solution, we will try to close all the languages ​​here.


The Swiss military watchdog took the applicationAnnotate PDFs Can use many input formats Share notes over clouds Higher costsThe inability, from Lab Ginger, is a great note app for the iOS platform. He has won several awards this year.

This application allows users to combine multiple inputs, including typing, sketching, handwriting and drawing, in one place. Also support PDF declaration. Notes can be shared via email, and cloud-based services include AirDrop, Google Drive and Dropbox.Absences can be found on the App Store for $ 9.99.


Free versionMany features additionally support the AndroidNeed Premium version for collaboration
For those who are looking for a note-taking platform that works with iPad Pro, but also Android devices, Evernote automatically excludes two mobile platforms.

Evernote is a great app for collecting multiple inputs, including pictures, text notes, recorded messages, and webpage clips – all in one file for storage and collaboration. They can be accessed via iPad Pro, Android, or PC and even a web browser interface to facilitate workflow. In addition, other advice is that the records can be found.

The iOS app is free, and offers in-app purchases. However, the free product is limited to synchronizing only two devices, and uploads are limited to 60MB per month.

Go to the Premium level to sync all your devices, get less 10GB uploads per month, plus additional chat enabled features, and offline access on your notes for $ 7.99 a month. Or, for collaboration, there is a business plan for $ 14.99 per user per month with additional limits and additional features.


Application notes focusing on handwritingFixed flexible digital retrievalHandwriting for text conversion Can be found hand records No levels

Those who want to use the iPad Pro easily get note notes need to check GoodNotes. With focus on handwriting, this app is easy to integrate complex mathematical equipments and complete chemicals that can be comparable to being absurd through traditional keyboards.

The GoodNotes approach can also be used for PDFs, and you can search written notes and change handwriting to text. Notes are also coordinated by iCloud, and can be made to your favorite cloud providers, including Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box.

MyScript Nebo

Advanced note retrieval applicationAffordable prices Control more complex documents. Export to various formats Requires Official Apple Pencil
For disposal of notes with your head

Here is the free blogging site

Here is the free blogging site

Free blog sites have been around for years, and it’s now easier than ever to create professional blogs to spread your hobbies, say your thoughts, and make your online presence.

This free blog site is intended for blog hobby authors – blogs created and managed online, and hosted on the server blog server itself. If you want to create your own blog, the downloadable version of WordPress is a great choice, with total protection, third-party plugin support, and save you as fast as your hosting plan.

If you wish to create a static website and not an online journal, please refer to our guide for the best free website builder.


Get powerful blog building functionality, and many more to bootA wonderful editor that is very intuitive in shovelMake more than a building blogWix has various paid subscription plans, but it’s also free, although it is best to watch in front of this one that has some remembrance.

With a free product, your website will have Wix branding, and you will be provided with 500MB of data transfer per month, not for the recorded site. You can only save 500MB, so do not worry.

However, you can build blogs with infinite number of pages, and where Wix runs strongly with powerful blog functions. The editor can be easy, but you get access to everything you need – from gallery images through video and music – and there are tons of ways to set up your broadcasts.

There are also many flexibility in the way you can manage your posts, and thumbs-ups like setting articles so articles are automatically rejected to Facebook when it’s published. For example, you have a feature called Booking WiX, which allows customers to schedule appointments and classes right on your site.

So, what makes this really nice Wix, you can work with any other developer website that provides blog support. This includes the use of Wix’s ADI editor (creating Artificial Design Intelligence) to make your website a snap, even for novices, plus excellent support for various media, and customer support for boot quality (yes, even on the free plan ). At this time, Wix introduced Wix Turbo, which makes the website’s speed and performance evident.

If you think you can find anything, bandwidth and data do not look like a heavy-set set. And you’ll be able to renew it for a longer time to find it at the same time.


Additional features, cheap plugin and low ratesOptional adjustment structureAnalytics users Active activity supportPowerful and highly customizable, WordPress is a great platform for blogs of any size, and bloggers in diverse experiences.

Creating your very first blog is very easy, the wizard will direct you to the process of choosing a theme that matches the theme. You can find where and begin to write quickly, but your mind enjoys a more advanced editor, enabling you to customize almost every aspect of your blog appearance.

Unlike some blogs

WordPress does not have to do with drag-and-drop, and you should be useful with system menus. It is indeed a business, though, and lets you create a completely personal one. The editor also lets you create static pages – like a biography writer, for example.

Interface when writing is as common as a desktop word processor (although some options are shown in the toolbar above, while others are in the side menu, which may be slightly misleading earlier).

Once again, it’s time to get familiar with the interface honored with features such as adapted social media social buttons, geotagging, and the ability to choose a unique style for individual posts.

Sometimes you may want to create a gallery photo, for example, and more time the style of textual focus will be more appropriate. You can also see and.