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Paresh Rawal:Why Rohingya want to come to India?


¬†Paresh Rawal is an Indian film actor. He is also a Member of Parliament for the Ahmedabad East Parliamentary constituency on the ticket of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Known for portraying his character in Bollywood, he has acted in almost every genre and played all sorts of characters, be it villains or comedians, he has won almost everyone’s mind in his character. He has also been awarded the Padma Shri award.

Paresh Rawal’s question, why the Rohingya want to come to India, when india about 1769km from Mayanmar and china only 2 km from mayanmar.That’s a big question, why or why are they coming to India?

However, Paresh Rawal, a very active actor in cinema as well as on social media. Looking at the current situation, Paresh Rawal expressed his views. This time, he is heading for a formal tweet. He tweeted a tweet about the Rohingyas. Everyone responds to his tweets. In the same way, Paresh Rawal’s tweet about which he spoke is quite popular or controversial.

Paresh Rawal writes about 1769 km from Myanmar to India. China is only two kilometers from Myanmar. But why the Rohingya want to come to India, why not want to go to China? Because China, like India, has no intellectuals or anti-state people who support the refugee Rohingya. Paresh Rawal’s tweet has already gone viral. Not long ago Paresh Rawal also tweeted a tweet about the NRC.

Tweet of Paresh Rawal:

Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal has batted not only in acting but also in politics. He has been seen as a villain in many Bollywood films, and sometimes he has made the audience laugh. His performances in films like OMG, Fighter, Welcome, Sanju have taken a different place in the audience’s mind. Some pictures of her are also being released next year.

Paresh’s career started with the film ‘Holi’, his character Baburao Ganapat Rao starring in the movie ‘Hera Ferry’ played a lot of entertainment.


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