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Patanjali wants to be the sponsor of IPL

Patanjali wants to be the sponsor of IPL
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Patanjali wants to be the sponsor of IPL: Now we all know that India-China relations are very bad. India has thus far banned a complete of 108 Chinese-made apps in India. Not only that, but Indians have also now started boycotting Chinese products.

However, we all know that Vivo is the sponsor of IPL. Since Vivo may be a Chinese company, many of us here regret it. So the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is trying to find a replacement title sponsor for this year’s Indian Premier League after Chinese mobile maker Vivo left. And Patanjali, the institution of yoga guru Baba Ramdev, wants to require advantage of this chance.

Patanjali wants to be the sponsor of IPL

Baba Ramdev has gained huge fame with Ayurveda and Yoga. the corporate wants to urge involved the IPL to spread the identity of its organization worldwide. Patanjali’s spokesperson SK Tijarawala told to the Economic Times, “We want to be the title sponsor of this year’s IPL.

Because we would like to make a worldwide marketplace for the Patanjali brand. ‘ For this reason, Tijarawala said that he’s thinking of creating a proposal on to the BCCI.

Analysts believe that the multinationals will bring a positive message for the IPL by sponsoring a corporation from their own country rather than Vivo. consistent with brand strategist Harish Bijur, “Sponsoring Patanjali is going to be more profitable for Patanjali than the IPL.” However, within the current situation, it might be better within the national interest to offer the Chinese company to the Indian company.

The IPL goes to start out from the 19th of next month. The IPL organizers are trying to find a replacement title sponsor for this.

So far, Geo, Amazon, Tata, Dream XI, Adani Group, and Baizus are named as sponsors. The BCCI isn’t keen on getting involved in the controversial Patanjali, claiming that Kovid-19 has recently discovered a cure.

Vivo sponsored the IPL title with a contract worth Rs 440 Crore In 2018. For the nonce, the organization has withdrawn from the IPL this year thanks to border tensions between India and China. However, they need the potential to return next year. As a result, the board agreed to a 50 percent discount to seek out a sponsor for this year alone.



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