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Processing of tea producing with Weathering.

By Dipankar Gharami

As our country India is a river mother, the tea that is being produced at present is not bad. Tea exporter is a very popular producer of tea business, so Tea processing has become an important industry in India. Tea is a natural beverage. It is an evergreen plant. In India, the tea and tea industry is found in large quantities, which has become one of the most famous cultivars in India. At present, in West Bengal there are 5 acres and 2 acres or you can say 50 decimal landowners also cultivate tea.

Tea is cultivated in Assam, Sikkim, Bengal, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, as well as other regions of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand. Tea is produced in India sixteen times in a special way. Assam accounts for 52% of India’s total tea production. In West Bengal, 9% of tea is produced.Tamil Nadu produces 6% and Kerala produces 7.1% tea. In the above four states, 95% of the total tea production is produced in India, the lowest is produced in tea, namely, Paru, Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Himachal Desh, Anchal Desh, Manparu, Meghalaya, Majoram, Nagaland, Sikam, Orissa and beyond.Currently, the Tea Board is making this decision to increase production capacity, maintain the garden’s freshness and improve quality.

Tea is the primary beverage in India which is used in about 85% of household drinks. Currently plastic is being eliminated so the production of soil cups as tea pot along with tea will improve the potter industry.

Tea production process: If the leaves of tea leaves are taken out of the garden for a long time, it is very likely to be decomposed. This is why tea factories are made close to the tea gardens. There are many processes in the form of tea from this leaf.

Plucking:The green tea leaves are mainly plucked by women, thanks to their delicate hands, who are wearing a basket or linen over their shoulder in which they are collecting the leaves. The rule „two leaves and the bud “is strictly followed. The plucked leaves are examined on the collection point and weighed before they are transported to the tea factory.

Withering Process: Here, it is currently done in the modern process to get rid of the dense and still scarce leaves from about 30% of its moisture. Box sizes of 25-30 meters in length which are covered with wire grids. These boxes are attached to a large size fan. Very easily ventilated by ventilators in boxes or troughs. The leaves of the tea are kept here for 8 to 12 hours so that the aqueous portion of the leaves is reduced.


Rolling /Rotorven /CTC

The machine consists of two separate metal rollers, held together and rotating at an unequal speed, which allows the leaf to be cut, torn, and twisted. CTC machines are very used. The next step in rolling, which damages the cell membrane, is the chemical content of the leaf with the enzyme. This is called maceration. This roll is usually done at a very slow pace. The temperature should never exceed 35 ° C (95ºF) during rolling.


Fermentation process: Tea processing is used to ferment tea after a CTC machine. It is very or very important for tea production ie tea production. The freshness, compulsion, color and color of the tea depends largely on it. The duration of formation depends on temperature fluctuations. Tea processing temperature is 76 ° F to 78 ° F and this time is considered 1-2 hours.

Firing Drying: At high points of lift, the leaves are dried through a metal conveyor belt in so-called tiered dryers with hot air at room temperature that traps the liquid in the room and gives it a brown to black look. The final moisture content of the leaves is kept between 5-6%.

Shorting: The finished tea is then sorted into common grades via mechanical jarring sieves. Modern sorting machines are installed with different sizes of sieves with meshes ranging between 8 and 30 or greater. As the leaves pass through different meshes, they are categorized into dust, fanning, broken leaves and whole leaves.

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