Home Technology Room heater : Use heaters carefully in winter.

Room heater : Use heaters carefully in winter.

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Room Heater:Most of us now use room heaters in the villages in the city. At present there are different types of room heaters or blowers available in the market. It is always best to look at your own safety, such as safety grill. However, there is a need to be careful about its use.

As the temperature drops in the winter season, our daily work also gets affected by the cold. In such a situation, people try to protect themselves from cold by wearing more and more warm clothes. At the same time, some people do not get so much work and have to use blowers and heaters.

You get relief as soon as you come in front of the heater or blower, but do you know how harmful it can be for your health and skin? However, if you want to use a heater or blower, first ensure the safety of your family. Keep these things in mind when lighting the heater.

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Do not keep any burning material such as paper, blankets or wood near the heater.

Do not keep the heater in a place where there is more movement. Take special care that it should be out of the reach of young children. Place it on a hard surface at the edge.

Keep the heater closed periodically and also open the room. Turn it off if not sitting near the heater. Do not leave the room and turn on the heater or else carbon monoxide can damage you. Do not sleep by burning the heater even while going to bed, suffocation can lead to death.

People who have problems like heart, breath or cough should not use air blower. It would be better to keep lukewarm water inside the room together so that the air is not dry due to the blower.

Heaters are also not good for the skin. Sitting in front of the heater for too long makes the skin dry and may also cause itching. Apart from this, the eyes are also dry from the heater and may cause irritation.


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