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Solar Eclipse 26 December 2019 Surya Grahan


What is solar eclipse? We have all heard or seen the solar eclipse, but do you know what is called solar eclipse? In fact, when the sun does not reach the earth due to the astronomical position of the moon between the sun and the earth, this position is called the solar eclipse. We will see this solar eclipse on December 26, 2019.

What is so special about this solar eclipse? The special feature of the solar eclipse on December 26 is that the solar period begins 12 hours before the solar eclipse. That is, the yarn period will be effective from the evening of December 25, which will continue till December 26.

When will this solar eclipse occur, according to scientists, according to the Indian Standard Time, partial solar eclipse will begin at eight in the morning, and the annual solar eclipse will begin at 9.06 in the morning. The annual phase of the solar eclipse ends at 12.25pm, and the partial phase of the eclipse ends at 6pm.

This solar eclipse will be seen in Kannanor, Coimbatore, Kozhikode, Madurai, Mangalore, Ooty, Tiruchirappalli but 93% will be seen.

¬†According to Indian tradition, eating during sunrise is prohibited. The prohibition of seeing sun in the naked eye is prohibited because the sun’s very purple rays can damage the eyes.

The period of regional solar eclipse will be reduced as the north and south sides of the country move annually. At the highest level of partial eclipse, sun cover by moon is about 90 percent in Bangalore, 85 percent in Chennai, 79 percent in Mumbai, 45 percent in Kolkata, 45 percent in Delhi, 42 percent in Patna, 33 percent in Port Blair in Guwahati.

We need to remember something during the solar eclipse During the solar eclipse, people often see the sun with an empty eye. Don’t do it It can damage your eyes. If you want to see solar eclipse, use solar filter glasses for this.

Solar filter glasses are also called solar viewing glasses, personal solar filters or receiving glasses. Do not look at the solar eclipse without glasses. Don’t look at the sun with a pinhole, telescope or even binoculars during the solar eclipse.


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