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Some foods that increase your migraine pain


Some foods that increase your migraine pain: Headache is the name of a painful problem. And if it’s migraine pain, then there’s no doubt.  Once the migraine pain starts, it’s tough to scale back it. There are some foods that multiply this pain. It’s best to avoid these foods during migraines. So let’s determine which foods to avoid during a migraine.


Spicy foods are harmful to any pain. Pickles of variety of food like olive, vegetable increase the pain of migraine. You can use cucumber pickles.


Any sort of bean or bean meal can increase migraine pain. Especially it’s better to not eat peas at this point.

Red pepper

Red capsicum and red pepper multiply the pain of migraines. it’s better to not eat chili food during migraine pain.


Fruit bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals. But these bananas also can increase your headaches. according to expert Bananas called tyramine which increases headaches. So avoid eating bananas during headaches.

Lemon fruit

Lemon or citrus fruits contain two components called tyramine and histamine. According to experts, those two factors are thought to increase the risk of headaches…..


Experts also say that you should avoid eating pizza, the food of your choice because pizza makes headaches worse.. East in pizza is liable for increasing headaches. it’s better to not eat any food made with yeast, not just pizza.

Chocolate drinks

Chocolate rich drinks like milkshakes, chocolate milk, etc. also can increase headaches. Chocolate drinks thanks to the content of tannin, caffeine, etc. increase headaches.

In addition, alcohol, red wine, full-fat milk, old cheese, soured cream, sausage, olives, avocado, etc. can increase migraine pain. So avoid these foods during headaches.


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