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Some foods that unknowingly increase migraine pain

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Some foods that unknowingly increase migraine pain: My friend suffers from headaches too. one among them advised him to follow the doctor’s advice. you’ll benefit if you are doing not eat some food with it. Because headaches are a really painful problem. The biggest problem is that when the migraine pain starts, it’s tough to scale back it. Yes anyway, there are some foods that increase this pain repeatedly over. it’s better to avoid these foods during a migraine. this suggests avoiding those foods at the time of all the pain. Yes, never sit down with migraines without a doctor’s advice. Anyway, let’s take a glance

Chocolate drinks

Chocolate-rich drinks like milkshakes, chocolate milk, etc. also can increase headaches. Chocolate drinks thanks to the content of tannins, caffeine, etc. increase headaches.


Fruit bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals. But these bananas also can increase your migraine pain. Because it has contained a substance called tyramine which increases headaches. So avoid eating bananas during headaches.


Spicy foods are harmful to any pain. Pickles of any food like cucumber, olive, and the veg increase the pain of the head.

Lemon fruit

Lemons or citrus fruits contain two substances called tyramine and histamine which are thought to extend the danger of headaches.


Avoid eating pizza and fast food, your favorite food, during migraine pain because Pizza contains yeast and yeast increases migraine pain.

However, confine mind that full-fat milk, old cheese, alcohol, red wine, soured cream, sausage, olives, avocado, etc. can increase migraine pain. So avoid these foods during headaches.


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