Home Entertainment Sonakshi appeared with Mission Josh, What this mission Josh?

Sonakshi appeared with Mission Josh, What this mission Josh?


Sonakshi appeared with Mission Josh, what is Mission Josh?: Actress Sonakshi Sinha has appeared in a new venture. He said that will be a full stop in cybercrime. In general, we have seen that many kinds of bad comments through social media such as the threat of murder and the threat of rape. Sometimes it is seen that the problem is created in various ways by using fake IDs. Ordinary people are the victims of this in a normal way.

So this time the actress took an extraordinary initiative. He said in a video message on social media that it is very easy to make some bad comments to someone from behind a fake account, to threaten people. But he will understand when he falls into the patch of law.
In a word, he joined this mission with a new initiative. His name in this mission is “Mission Josh”.


He wrote on Instagram that it’s time to forestall the pandemic that’s plaguing our on-line world, Cyber Bullying with harassment. Full Stop to Cyber Bullying could also be by the Mission Josh, the place I even have teamed up with Special IGP Mr. Pratap Dighavkar with an intention to make consciousness and educate people about online harassment, trolls, influence on the psychological state of victims who’ve confronted trolling. Now stop, NO extra online harassment!


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