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Start your Own Business from home If you want to start your income today.


Start your Own Business from home If you want to start your income today:If you want to start some employment but you do not have a huge amount to invest, do not despair. Because the business we are going to tell you about does not require any major infrastructure. No office or no godowns. You can start this business from your home.

In this business, you don’t have to sell products from house to house, or you have to wander from one computer to another in search of a computer. Or there is no chain to promote the business. All you have to do is when a product comes to you, you have to deliver it on time and take the cash.

Just like that, you can get a dealership at India Time Shopping. After getting the dealership you will be connected to software. The company itself will take orders from the customer. An email will be sent to you upon receipt of the order. The company then delivers the product to the dealer. The dealer’s job then is to deliver the right address at the right time. Product stock It will be the responsibility of the company.

India Time Shopping sells electronic products like mobiles, pen drive, computer parts, etc. In addition to clothing, footwear, glasses, many more are available on the online portal. Recently, it has also started selling Ayurvedic medicines which increase height and increase sexual strength. Every item on this website is available at very low prices.

To become Distributor of India Time Shopping you will need: This is fully refundable, which means that you will be refunded once the dealership is over.

Internet connection and a telephone line A delivery boy at A large house to keep stock for at least five to ten days. The company will pay you 800 rupees as commission for one delivery. All deliveries will be cash-on-delivery, so you have to collect the money from the customer and deposit it in the company account.

For more details contact to Anjali Sharma: 7247006771 Meenakshi: 7247006774

Click to India Time Shopping for more details.

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