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Take these things to increase the number of platelets.


How to increase platelets.

Take these things to increase the number of platelets:The researchers said that Platelets should be examined if there is a complaint of slow body pain after a fever. In fact, the same symptoms are the same for reduced platelets. Dizziness and body ache are symptoms of platelets. However, there is no need to worry, because with some things this problem can be overcome.
Platelets are found in small blood vessels, especially in Bone marrow. Deficiency of platelets is a symptom that the power of blood disease is decreasing. The normal platelet count in a healthy person is 150 to 450 thousand per micro liter. When this calculation drops below 150,000 per micro liter, it is considered low platelet.
To grow platelets, add beetroot to your diet in different ways. Then, be it cooked vegetables or drink juice. The antioxidant rich beet has all the properties needed to grow platelets. It also makes the body immune. To get more benefits, drink two to three teaspoons of beet juice in a glass of carrot juice mixture.
Vitamin C present in the diet not only increases the production of platelets, but also increases immunity. Eat 3 to 4 blankets regularly on an empty stomach every morning. If you cannot eat aroma like this, drink two teaspoons of amalgam juice mixed with honey.

In Malaysian researchers, at 2009, acknowledged that not only papaya, but also its leaves are helpful for platelet growth. Eat papaya regularly to maintain platelets balance. Soak papaya leaves in water and drink it as a green tea, it will be more beneficial.

Cook raw food and eat only raw instead of food.

– Kiwi also helps to increase platelets.

– Eat carrots regularly.

– Electrolytes and minerals are extremely helpful in the growth of platelets. Both of these ingredients are abundant in coconut water.

– Goat’s milk also increases platelets.



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