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The 6 best foods to regain lost sex

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Have you lost Sex? The 6 best foods to regain lost sex

In this present life, people’s daily busyness creates mental stress. And this emotional stress has made our life day by day. There is reluctance to work and blood pressure problems. These people start to lose sexual desire due to stress.

As mental or physical stresses increase, the desire for sex decreases. Sexual desire depends mostly on emotional desire. Therefore, regular exercise and good diet should be kept in order to keep the mental state healthy and gradually reduce your stress, your sex life is beautiful. In fact, extra workload, emotional tension, physical exhaustion and irritable mood can reduce your libido. There are some foods that can make your sex life beautiful.

The food that helps increase your sexual desire is shot.


Coffee is a special drink that helps to calm our mood. Coffee is a great beverage for sex drive growth. Experts say that for men, two to three cups of coffee a day helps increase libido. However, for those suffering from hypertension, you can consult a doctor about consuming coffee.

Almond and pasta nuts

Many types of nuts are nuts, Almond, pasta. All kinds of nuts are beneficial to us.

However, Almond is rich in vitamin E. According to experts, vitamin E foods help our hormone production. They help increase libido. Pasta can be said to be a natural source of copper, manganese and zinc. It enhances libido and also helps improve sperm quality.

A diet rich in potassium

Generally, foods that contain potassium are very useful to us. Because the deficiency of potassium in the body can lead to imbalance of the electrolyte and high blood pressure. And these potassium foods help to increase sexual ability. Such as bananas, dried peanuts, avocado, coconut water contain potassium, they increase sexual ability.

Dark chocolate

Chocolate is not who we love. Yes, many people do not like chocolate. But whether you like chocolate or not, chocolate can make your sex life beautiful. Do you know Dark chocolate is a great addition to your libido. Because it contains L-arginine amino acid which helps to increase your desire for sex.


Watermelon helps to reduce our blood pressure as we increase the levels of water in our body. Watermelon contains citroline amino acids which help to increase libido levels. That is why watermelon is very beneficial to increase sexual desire.


The various ingredients in saffron help our brain to relax and release us from the problems of depression and depression. So you can call Saffron a catalyst for sexual desire. Saffron supplements help reduce stress, increase sexual desire. Saffron helps increase the production of estrogen, serotonin and good hormones in the blood.


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