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The benefits of regular walking with some tips


The benefits of regular walking with some tips: There is no more exercise on walking to keep our body healthy and strong. If a person walks for 30 minutes according to the rules, he will be able to keep himself away from many problems. It is said that if one follows the rules every morning, he will be better both physically and mentally. Let us know today what are the benefits of regular walking and some tips for proper walking.

Benefits of walking

Regular walking keeps the heart healthy and does not cause heart block. Walking helps increase blood circulation in the body. As a result, the risk of brain and heart attack is reduced. Walking every day keeps hypertension under control. With regular walking, 80% of hypertensive patients can be kept under control without medication.

Walking helps in controlling body weight and also reduces obesity. As a result of walking, the amount of fat in the blood decreases and plaque cannot form in the arteries.

Many people are at risk of heart disease due to the accumulation of fat in the chest and abdomen. Walking for one  hour every day reduces fat and reduces risk. Regular walking reduces the risk of stroke in about 63% of people who are at risk of stroke.

Regular walking makes the heart beat 20,006-30,000 times a day, which reduces the effect on your heart of your daily extra workload. A scientific study has shown that those who walk 4-5 kilometres every day, their life expectancy increases.

People who have diabetes, if they walk every day, then the diabetes is under control. Walking improves sleep at night, increases digestion and increases appetite. Regular walking increases efficiency and there is no reluctance to work.

Walking increases the efficiency of other organs including the heart, kidneys, liver and lungs.

Usually after the age of 30, the skin of the body becomes loose. Regular walking can get rid of this problem. For those who already walk regularly, it is seen that the skin of the body remains tense till a very old age. Those who walk regularly are very strong even at the age of 70.

Walking every day reduces the feeling of various problems inside the body such as feeling dizzy, arthritis pain, feeling like a match.

Studies have shown that girls who walk regularly have a 45% lower risk of developing breast cancer than other girls. According to psychologists, there is no good medicine for walking to keep the mind clean and well. Walking in the sun gives your body vitamin D, which usually does not come from food, and walking in the sun can get you.

Here are some tips to start walking

Do not walk a lot on the first day. Start with a little on the first day, then increase the path a little every two to three days.

When walking, walk with your body straight, not crooked or crooked. Drink at least two  glasses of water before starting to walk.

When returning from the office or university, get off the bus at the previous stop, this will make you walk a little longer than usual. It is better to wear thin sandals or shoes for walking. Walking too much after something heavy can cause severe pain in the legs. If you have any physical problem then you must walk with the advice of your doctor.


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