The best domestic ways to get new and shiny hair

The best domestic ways to get new and shiny hair: Most people worry about her hair. Because nowadays it is seen that most of the people lose their hair at a very young age. Many times it is seen as hereditary hair problem. But now due to pollution various hair problems are caused. Care can be done in a very natural way at home. You can make hair very beautiful and healthy in different ways. So let’s take a look at domestic ways.

Castor Oil

Most people nowadays lose their hair at a very young age. You can use Castor Oil regularly. It helps new hair to grow. Castor oil contains omega-9 fatty acids and vitamins, which help to make hair healthier and thicker.

Castor oil will help your lost hair to grow again. This is because massaging castor oil on the scalp helps to increase the level of blood circulation in the scalp. This refreshes the hair follicles inside the scalp and helps new hair to grow. Castor oil is also rich in antioxidants, which help in hair growth.

Use of Castor Oil

Castor oil is usually very thick. So you can mix it well with your regular hair oil before using it. Then you massage the mixture oil on the scalp well and after 2 hours wash the scalp well with shampoo. You can also keep it on your head all night and wash it off in the morning. You will get good results.

Castor oil to remove hair ripening

In the present age, most people suffer from prematurity. You can easily get rid of this problem by using Castor Well. You can use it mixed with any hair oil or water. Rinse in the same way after 2 hours.

Use of castor oil with aloevera

You take equal amount of aloevera gel with castor oil for hair care and massage the mixture very well all over the head. Then leave it for half an hour to forty-five minutes, but if you put a towel on your head, you will get good results.

Castor oil with eggs and honey

Use this method to make hair shiny. Mix two teaspoons of castor oil well with one egg and one teaspoon of honey. Then leave the mixture on the hair for one to two hours. Then use shampoo and conditioner on the hair and you will get good results.

Use of castor oil with fenugreek

First dust it with some amount of fenugreek. Then Mix two teaspoons of coconut oil and equal amount of castor oil with fenugreek dust and heat it. Massage the hot mixture on the scalp. If you use this method, you will get rid of hair loss very easily. You will also get new hair back.

You can also mix any hair oil you use with castor oil and massage it hot. This is called hot massage. With this hot massage you can increase hair growth and hair will be stronger.

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