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The Best food for increase your height


The Best food for increase your height: Increasing the height is one of the desires of everyone. Earlier we discussed how to increase height. There it was said that food is one of the ways to increase height without yoga or medicine.

According to experts, height is regulated by a hormone called Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Most boys or girls are more interested in raising their height a little. Along with exercise to increase your height you need good food that will regulate your human growth hormone. There are some foods that will help you to increase your height in a big way. Protein foods, fruits and vegetables, soybeans, dairy foods and eggs. Why do you eat all these foods?


First of all our body needs protein very much. This is because the amino acids in proteins help build bones, muscles and tissues in our body. Make sure you include protein in your daily diet. Protein-rich foods such as fish, meat, pulses and nuts.

Dairy foods

In general, we know that milk is a very nutritious food. Milk contains a number of important nutrients, including calcium and vitamins. Milk helps to fill the nutritional deficiencies of the human body. So you can eat milk regularly to increase height. Also dairy foods such as yogurt, cream ice cream and cheese help increase your height.


Ashwagandha helps in weight gain of human body. Ashwagandha which is also known as Indian ginseng is a plant. Ashwagandha helps to increase hemoglobin as well as height. Drink one teaspoon of horseradish powder mixed with a glass of milk every day.

Vegetables and fruits

It is normal that fruits or vegetables are very beneficial for our health. It is normal to have vegetables in the diet. But it is very necessary to eat different types of fruits every day as a rule.

Especially where your goal is to increase height so you can boil some vegetables like carrots, beets, beans and other vegetables every day and eat them as soup.


Soybeans are a very protein rich food. According to experts, soybeans contain all the qualities of meat, eggs and milk. Soybean is important sources of protein in plants. So you can eat soybean every morning to increase height. You keep it soaked the night before.



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