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The best food to protect from anemia

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The best food to protect from anemia: You have to panic when you hear anemia. It doesn’t seem like a big disease to many. But anemia is seen at the beginning of any major disease. As long as there is no major problem, it seems normal. But do you know that the result of neglect of this disease is fatal.

According to experts, normally a man should have 13.5 to 17.5 grams of hemoglobin per decilitre of blood, and women need to have 12 to 15.5 grams per decilitre.

According to experts, anemia usually occurs when there is a lack of iron in the body. For this reason, it is very important to maintain the balance of iron in the body. To maintain the balance of iron in the body, you need special foods that will maintain the balance of hemoglobin in your body. However, if you have anemia, you must see a good doctor and find out the cause.

The most common symptoms of this disease are fatigue, drowsiness, reluctance and laziness, sickness, shortness of breath, palpitations.

However to keep up with this situation you must give importance to food. There are some foods that will help relieve anemia in your body.


Honey is a natural ingredient. Honey is a medicinal liquid with high medicinal properties. According to experts, honey is very useful to overcome the problem of anemia. You can add honey to various foods instead of sugar. It will also avoid the harmful effects of sugar, along with the problem of anemia will be eliminated.


Eggs have the quality of all foods. You can eat eggs every day as a rule. It will help to reduce iron deficiency in your body. In addition, eggs contain a lot of protein which will keep you full of energy. So you can put nutritious food eggs in your daily diet.


Spinach contains a lot of iron. In addition, a bowl of spinach normally contains 8 mg of iron, as well as protein, fiber, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin E. The nutrients of cooked spinach can be easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, you can put spinach in your daily food list.


Dates are beneficial for patients with anemia. Under normal circumstances, a healthy person needs about 11 percent of the amount of iron in his body. The nutritional value of dates is incomparable. Dates are rich in iron. So you can put dates in your regular diet to overcome the problem of anemia. Dates also help to keep the heart rate right. Because dates contain a variety of minerals. That is why dates are very beneficial for heart health.


Tomato is a very readily available vegetable which helps in relieving anemia. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, C, K,  and potassium. Tomatoes also contain thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorus and copper. The iron, vitamin C and lycopene in tomatoes are able to protect us from various diseases including anemia. So you can put tomatoes on your daily food list. Because you understand that tomatoes are very useful in anemia.

Keep in mind that according to experts, drinking tea one hour before or after your meal may not help the body absorb iron properly. So it is better to follow some rules. Do not eat fruit on an empty stomach. Vitamin C in fruits helps in absorption of food iron. Eating dairy foods after eating fish, meat and eggs is harmful for the body. In addition, red meat, fish, especially shrimp, eggs, meat, etc. contain frost-iron, which is effective for our body.

You can also keep dark chocolate with you. Because dark chocolate is good for the body. It is a good source of iron and also contains lots of antioxida




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