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The best way to remove black spots under the eyes


We face many kinds of problems with our health in daily life. Under these problems, dark brown or black spots appear below the eyes. We suffer many problems with this inflammation of the eyes. All of the boys or girls feel very uncomfortable with such problems. During this time we started using different types of creams. Yes, but you can use the cream in such cases. However, many people have some side effects. In this case, caution is required.

But do not think that using the cream will completely remove the black spots below your eyes. Yes, but it will decrease a bit. In the case of women, it is found that they do foundation for this black spot under the eyes. There is no gain in it. What is the reason? It must be consulted by a doctor. We have a lot of sensitive skin on the body. According to experts, the skin under the eyes is much sensitive.

The best way to remove black spots under the eyes

There are many small blood vessels on the skin below the eyes. According to the experts, they gradually grow larger. Many times the fluid accumulates under the eyes when the fluid accumulates. Such problems can occur for a variety of reasons. In many cases it shows that under the eyes it is black to work on additional computers. However, due to lack of sleep, hereditary problems, allergies, blood circulation problems and kidney problems are blackened under the eyes.

Why is black spot under the eyes? Eliminate by  domestic ways.

However, stress or anxiety, lack of adequate sleep and water vacuum in the body is another main cause.

Blackness under the eyes due to water purification

Many people have problems with water in the body or eat too little of water. Due to the lack of water in the body or water from the body, the skin becomes dry and the body weakens. Water intake is very beneficial for the skin and body.

Mental stress, anxiety and insufficient sleep

The main reason for the ink under most people’s eyes is mental depression. Every person has one problem or another. In the field of business, in the field of work, everyone has some family stress. And confessed with him various worries. This anxiety took night sleep. Under the eyes it turns black for insufficient sleep. Minimum 6 hours of sleep is required for such problems. However, you can easily avoid this problem at home.

Milk and almond paste

First you squeeze some cashew nuts into the grinder. Now make a blend paste by mixing the amount of milk with the almond powder. Then apply the mixture around the eyes for about 10-12 minutes and you will get good benefits.

Orange lemon juice

Orange lemon juice contains vitamins. So orange lemon is very beneficial for our body. This orange peel is very good for our skin. However, orange juice works very well to remove scarring under the eyes. You may mix a few drops of glycerin or aloevera with orange lemon juice. However, glycerin will be best. Then apply the mixture under the eyes. This will leave the black spots below your eyes. Skin will be very glowing when applied to the skin.

Potato paste

Potatoes are one of our favorite dishes. All the vegetables are potatoes. This potato is very good for the skin again. However, juice the two potatoes. Now, close the eyes to make cotton and apply it on the eyes with cotton. So that the eyelids are covered. Keep it aside for 14-17 minutes. Then rinse with water. Would be good

Amanda oil or Aloevera

Amanda oils or Aloe Vera are great for the skin. Under normal conditions, the skin will glow if applied with aloe Vera or Amanda oil. But in this case, before you go to bed at night you put aroma oil or aloe Vera under your eyes and sleep. You will get good benefits from it.

If the body is healthy, the disease will be away. So eat good food regularly. Exercise regularly the body will be fine. Drink plenty of water. Avoid excess salt and smoking to keep blood flow to the body.



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