Home Entertainment The Biggest shock to Christopher Nolan fans, release of ‘TENET’ postponed indefinitely

The Biggest shock to Christopher Nolan fans, release of ‘TENET’ postponed indefinitely

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The biggest shock to Christopher Nolan fans, the release of ‘TENET’ postponed indefinitely: Renowned Hollywood filmmaker and director Christopher Nolan’s upcoming science-fiction thriller film ‘Tenet’ have been rescheduled. The original release date of this film was July 18. This is the third time since July has been scheduled that the film will be released on another date. Now the film is out of the production calendar of his production company.

The biggest shock to Christopher Nolan fans

Christopher Nolan’s popularity is worldwide, which is why producers are trying to release the film at a time when theaters are opening in almost every country. After much deliberation, the film was initially decided to release on July 17. Corona outbreaks now worldwide. So the photo date was changed for the first time after the coronavirus lockdown. The manufacturers then announced the new date as July 31st.

At a time when the coronavirus has become a catastrophe in the world, the makers of Tenit extended its date from July to August 12. No decision has been made as to when this film will be released. However, according to a statement issued by the studio, the decision to release the film will be taken only after the situation improves.

Tenet is made under the banner of Warner Bros. Pictures, a well-known Hollywood film company. “We’re releasing Christopher Nolan’s mind-blowing feature film Tenet with a new date this year,” said Toby Americ, chairman of the company. This date will be announced later.

Our goal is to reach out to every Christopher fan with the popularity of Christopher. At the same time, we want to create positivity among our film owners through this film.


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