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The Gantok Heart of Sikim State.

Night of Gantok click BY Dipankar

The Gantok Heart of Sikim State:The most beautiful place is Gantok is the capital of Sikim state. You can go there from Siliguri by Local car or by rent car. If you want to visit first Darjeeling is under of West Bengal State and then you can go Gantok after 4.5 hours troubling. Don’t forget the vist the most Beautifull place Gantok.

Night Of gantok

Click by Dipankar Gharami

Way of Nathula: From Gantok 53.5 km via Jawaharlal Nehru Rd.

Way of Nathula (chaina gate) click by Dipankar Gharami

At Nathula: Nathula Snow point very nice place for enjoys the Nature of beauties.

AT Nathula Snow point click by Dipankar Gharami



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