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The heart of Sikkim is waiting for you.

Photo caption by Dipankar Gharami

Sikkim is a state of India in India. West Bengal is the neighboring state of Sikkim. So it is very easy to visit Sikkim from Bengal. These small states of India have attracted a lot of tourists. Because the natural beauty of Sikkim is particularly attractive. Because the third highest mountain in the world, including Kanchenjunga, Nathula’s snow forms the unique form of mountain. Besides, rivers and shrubs, lakes, well-liked orchids and flowers, fill the forest with Sikkim.

The heart of Sikkim is waiting for you.

Night of Gantok with incometec travel
Photo caption by Dipankar Gharami
Gantok the heart of Sikkim

The most beautiful place is Gantok is the capital of Sikkim state. You can go there from Siliguri by Local car or by rent car. If you want to visit first Darjeeling is under of West Bengal State and then you can go Gantok after 4.5 hours troubling. Don’t forget the vist the most Beautiful place Gantok.

Night of Gantok with incometec travel
Photo caption by Dipankar Gharami

Gantok is the capital city of Sikkim at a height of 5500 feet from the plain. Gantok is a hill town built in modern civilization. Hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, shopping malls, everything in this Gantok city. Here you will find casinos for entertainment at the ‘May-Fair’ and ‘Royal Plaza’ hotels. Once you set foot in Gantok city, you say and spend two days. Or plan to come here again and sit there.

The town has a ropeway. The whole city can be seen in the sky by the ropeway. You can do a three-day to four-day tour. First relax at the gantok town and see the city of Gantok. The next day, rent a car and take a look at Tashi View Point, Hanuman Talk, Orchid House, Chogial Rajbari, Banjakhari waterfall, Ganeshtok, Rumtek Gumfa, Ranka Gumfa and Notes like Institute of Tibet logy.

Visit to Chhangu, Nathula and Baba Harbhajan temple

On the third day you rent a car and see Nathula Border. There you will find very beautiful landscapes. It’s called China Gate. On your way here you will see the Chhangu Lake. On your trip to Nathula, you will see three places of Chhangu-Nathula-Babamandir together.

The cafeteria is located in three places – Chhangu Lake, Nathula and Baba Mandir. Chhangu Lake is only 38 km from Gantok.

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 For travel to Nathula, apply for permission to visit Nathula as soon as you reach Gantok. Your hotel manager will do everything for you. It will require two copies of passport size pictures and one copy of voter ID card Xerox. Applying with these two things will easily get the license.

This blue water lake is covered with snow for most of the year. Then Nathula is 18 km away from. It is the Indo-China border. You can easily see the wall of China from the Indian border. The height of Nathula is 14450 feet. Nathula will make you very attractive to the crowds of tourists.

Photo caption by Dipankar Gharami

On the way back from Nathula, you will see Baba Harbhajan Temple four kilometers away. The memorial was named by Harbhajan Singh of the untimely Punjab Regiment in the accident. The soldiers   believed that the spirit of Harbhajan played a role here in various dangers. Harbhajan’s dress, pictures, etc. are carefully kept in that temple.

How to go Gantok:

You can easily reach the airport at Bagdogra Airport. From there, Gantok is 124 km away. Or by the New Jalpaiguri Train. You can reach New Jalpaiguri (NJP) station on any train of northbengal from Delhi, Mumbai, Sealdah, Howrah stations. The distance from Gangtok is 125 km. From there you can rent a car going to the gantok at a very low cost. Or you can travel on the bus.

If you have more time in your hands, you can travel to Namchi, Yangtham, Peeling, Lachung and Yuxo. You can go to Yangtham Valley. The Yangtham Valley is commonly known as the Flowers of the Flowers. When you look at it, it seems that nature has set its sights on this yangtham.

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