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The Omega 3 foods vegetarian.


The food we eat every day does not solve all problems. If you say, we only eat food to satisfy hunger. No food will keep our body healthy by providing energy. Food is very suitable for survival. All our earnings are for this meal. Do you know there are foods that keep our body healthy and eliminate many types of pain. Foods that will get omega-3 fatty acids. This is very beneficial to our human body.

Studies have shown that eating more foods containing omega-3 reduces excess inflammation in the body. Omega Three controls the body’s water weight.

If you eat too much food in the face of starvation, more food is eaten. Therefore, dieters often advise to eat small meals. But many are more ‘shark pang’. To solve this problem you need to eat more foods containing omega three, so that you do not get hungry frequently.

When more omega-3 is in the body, the cytokine or the fattening compound fat is made less. Therefore, omega-3 also helps to increase the body’s metabolism rate.

Omega-3 controls blood glucose levels. So the risk of diabetes is also reduced.

Those who exercise regularly, if they put more diet with Omega Three in the diet, then the results of Exercise will get more.

Experts say that those who suffer from heart disease should have a high amount of omega-3 foods in their diet, as this super food makes it less likely to have a heart attack or stroke.

Omega Three is very useful for mental development. Children are often asked to eat fish oil. Because, fish oil contains Omega Three. If pregnant women also eat more foods containing omega-3, the child will develop better.

Here are the foods you should get in order to get this Omega-3:

Salmon fish: The quality of salmon fish is many. In addition to high quality protein, it also contains magnesium, potassium and vitamin B. As well as salmon fish, there are plenty of omega-3 fatty acids.

The Omega 3 foods vegetarian.

Flax seed:

Flax seeds are mainly brown or yellow color seeds. Eat with any fruit juice, smooths or oats. Or flax seed oil is made from oil. You can get both in the market. It contains a large amount of Omega Three Fat.


Good protein source soybean for vegetarians. What most people do not know is the Omega -3. However, the amount of omega six in soybeans is also high. However, soybeans should be eaten like paras. It’s not okay to eat too much.


Lentils are very beneficial to our body. During fat loss, carbs are eaten less and eat more pulses. Protein goes to the body as well. Again the metabolism rate also increases. The lentils also contain Omega Three. Whose quantity is very low.

Shea Seed:Shea seed contains a lot of omega-3s. This Sia Seed you can soak and eat with sugar.


To satisfy the hunger, eat some walnuts instead of junk food. It will also fill the stomach. Again manganese, vitamin E and omega-3 will also go into the body.

The spinach:

Even though it is not good to eat, the quality of the spinach is very good. Vitamin as well as Omega-3 is in it. But try not eating couch cheese with a lot of butter as a salad. You will get more fruit.

You will find many types of Omega-3 capsules in the market. Only the base will again be added to salmon fish oil such as non veg.


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