The richest man in Asia has also brought a bunch of offers

The richest man in Asia has also brought a bunch of offers:

After giving free calls and data to India’s mobile phone world for three years, this time Mukesh Ambani brought Jio Fiber. Geo Fiber Broadband Service is launching across the country on Thursday. The richest man in Asia has also brought a bunch of offers.

Along with HD TV, Geo Fiber is also bringing set top boxes. This set-top box will be available free to those who are an annual ‘Lifetime’ subscriber. Offer starting at minimum 700 rupees. Mukesh plans the Fiber-TV after being ranked number one behind Airtel and Vodafone on mobile services in India. The service is finally starting. Boston Consulting Group says the country’s ‘Video on Demand’ market is expected to reach $ 5 billion last year, up from $ 500 million by 2020. Extreme competition between Bollywood and streaming services has already started. Geo Fiber subscribers are expected to exceed 5 million. The number of users on ‘Video on Demand’ can reach 60 crore.

According to Mumbai-based consultancy Ormax Media, Shailesh Kapoor says that if you want to fight Netflix, Amazon and Walt Disney’s hotspots, you have to bet with cheap service on Geo.

Speaking about the plans for Geo Fiber on August 12, Mukesh said that the movie will be shown on GeoFiber on the release day of any movie. However, that service will not be available until the middle of next year.

However, Airtel is going to be Ambani’s main antagonist. They are one of the largest TV service providers in the country besides mobile services.

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