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There is no mind to read, what is the way?


There is no mind to read, what is the way?:  Students or teachers or those who love to read books, the disease also exists. When you sit down to read, the mind does not sit at the reading table. After sitting down to read, our mind goes into the world of thinking. This is especially the case for students. Then the main purpose is to read the mind how to read. You can get rid of this problem by following some simple methods. So let’s see how to read.


In the first case, you schedule time. Schedule time in such a way that your concentration or mind is fixed when you study. As if you were trying to read continuously but lost focus. So scheduling is very important. You should spend the first few days 25-35 minutes. Now study for 35 minutes, take a break 10-15 minutes. Sit down again to read. This way, slowly change the time. You will see that concentration will come in reading.

Need enough sleep?

Naturally, sleep is our main tonic. Because a person needs 6-7 hours of sleep in his normal state. Restful sleep is good for both our health and our mind. If you do not sleep at night, you will be able to make up your mind to attend school classes. You will get your sleep in class. That is why you need to give priority to sleep.

The amount of water should be eaten.

But your brain does a lot of reading while reading and it requires lots of water to do this work. So keep enough of it in the reading space to drink enough water and keep it moist. Otherwise you will lose focus after a while.

Work required before sitting down.

First of all water; yes water will be your best friend. It is a coin fault of having thirsty water repeatedly while studying. This is the case for everyone. During this study, the brain is enlarged and becomes energetic. So it is necessary to drink water frequently during reading. And you do not have to get up again and again if there is water near your hand.

Secondly, bring your essentials such as books, booklets, notes, pens, pencils, scales, rubber, sharpeners, geometry boxes, and so on. Then you do not have to get up again and again and study your mind.

Tell the annoyance bye-bye

Don’t you understand? We read a lot that I don’t want to have anything to do with them. For example, life science or history may seem very difficult to you. That is why you find it very bothersome to read those topics and stay away from those topics. How would you do that?

Read your resentment first, bring concentration to your mind once in a few days, the matter will become your dear friend. Fear should be removed from these minds. Many are afraid of physical science. Read the difficult ones first, and then read the other things, it will be easier to read the other. You will definitely have a mind to read.

Concentration is the biggest strength. If you keep concentration you will definitely succeed. Because there is so much anxiety in the mind during reading, so you have to concentrate in your mind. That is the time of study. You decide when to sit at night. Then it is a matter of where you are sitting. Sit in the same place every day. On the one hand It increases concentration and remembers reading.


Meditate. Because meditation will help you to focus. Wake up every morning and spend 20 minutes in the morning for walk. It will keep the mind good and the mind will be energized in all activities throughout the day.