It’s easy to sign up for a brand new online account on multiple hackers, social media stores and other websites. Prior to that, almost all internet users run several different accounts, and in many cases, they will end up more than they are.

Of course, as well as opening an online account, you may choose to close the account, in the event of minor changes to the Terms of Service, or you may only be fully committed to a protest service (or can duplicate account).

You need to know that some accounts give you a choice, which allows users to go back and get back on track. However, if you take this course, your data will not be lost from the server company (it will only be inactive).

If you want to delete all data – ‘earth earth’ approach to close your account, such as – you have to move your account off to break 100%, along with all the content you submit. If you are okay – and remember that all the content will not be available to you – this is a way of closing your account with five popular online services.

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Amazon has remained a global retailer, achieving $ 178 billion (about £ 140 billion) in net sales a year ago, but maybe you want to buy somewhere?

In this case, how to close your Amazon account, even when you know, when you do, you will lose access to online uploaded reviews, or any digital content you have purchased (such as a song from Amazon Music). There is an information page – judule ‘About closing your account’ – details of what you lost access to.

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly cover your Amazon account. However, the process will go to the ‘Contact Us’ page, at the bottom of the close of your account account, which will then log in to the inbox. It then invites the user to pass through multiple selections, and no one will break the account – this is a ‘write in’ request. It seems that Amazon does not want to watch customers go!


continues to be a social media account, with 2.23 billion active month users for Q2 2018, and 1.47 billion logging per day. For people who want to leave a website, Facebook offers a rejection option, which will store the data owner’s account for usefulness, and there is also a way to remove the account more permanently.

By the end, everything that has been submitted will be published permanently, and the user will lose access to Facebook Messenger services, and other services that can be used with Facebook login, such as Spotify, can not be accessed again.

To move by removing the account, adjust the settings by using the arrow buttons on the top-right of the Facebook page. Then click on your Facebook Info, where there is an option to delete your account – you need to enter your password. Users will be given 30 days to cancel the account, changing their minds.


tied to your Chromebook and Android smartphones, if you have one. Note that placing your Google account also removes music and movie access on Google Play.

However, if you’re still confident that you want to eliminate Google from your life online, you’ll find a way around Google Help pages, here is an entry about ‘Delete Google account’.

During this process, Google will show you all the data that will be lost access, and in the third step, the number of available links for forwarding updates, which you will be asked to sign in to.

Below you will see all the Google services that have been used with your Google account, and you will be given the opportunity to download the data you want to save. At the bottom of the page, there is a confession that you want to proceed, and the account is deleted.

There is also an option to edit a new ‘deleted’ account, even if there is no criminal time granted at a later time you must activate the deleted account.




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