Home Entertainment TikTok: When the mother becomes a ghost.

TikTok: When the mother becomes a ghost.


TikTok: When the mother becomes a ghost.We always love to sleep. The real thing is that people are always the sleepers. If charming can get a little sleep even in the face of a man’s work, then his base is at peace. It reminds her of her lost childhood. And childhood means mother’s lap and mother’s lap mean is that song.

Aunties, aunties, put us to sleep

Aunties, aunties

Put us to sleep

Come over to the house.

I have no bed, no mattress

Sit on the child’s bed

I’ll give you pan*

Eat your fill.

There’s no sleep in the children’s eyes

Put them to sleep before you go.

But no, this song is not that song. In today’s social media age, this is another type story, not a story, today we will watch a TICKTOCK video, where it is seen that mother, son, who is sleeping in a ghost. What is not funny let’s see that video.




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