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Viral, a fantastic way to avoid corona virus.


What is Corona Virus?

Novella Corona is this corona virus of nature. Experts say it is actually the Flabio virus, which is infected quickly. China’s first case of coronary infection appears in China Since then there have been cases of viral infection in new places.

The virus first infected China’s Wuhan province. Most infections occur in the John area, with hundreds of people infected. In China, about 6 people have already died. Experts say the risk of coronas is much higher because of the spread of cattle.

How to spread?

Humans are more susceptible to the infection of the corona virus in contact with livestock and livestock. The virus is more prone to infection from animal hair and feces. The virus is directly transmitted to the human body; it can spread from the human body to the animal.

Currently some photos have been circulated on social media, showing that people have figured out some strategies for avoiding corona virus, wrapped in plastic bottles and plastic head.

Corona virus outbreak continues in China. It affects about 5 people worldwide, most of whom live in China. Experts have not yet been able to divulge the virus. How dangerous this virus is and how it can be easily eradicated.

In India, the coroner virus has been confirmed in some cases. People are trying different ways to avoid coronary virus. People are trying to protect themselves from this virus. Pictures of these strategies are going viral on social media. People are using water calluses and plastic sheets to protect themselves from the virus.

Not only that, the picture of passengers wrapping plastic wrap on the airport is also going viral. Many airlines have cancelled flights to and from China. In India, too, the Health Ministry has asked to be aware of the virus.



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