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What is Biodiversity and relation with Budget plan.


Biodiversity: speaks about the diversity of living species and the complex environment in which they live. From the desert to the tropical rain forest, to the solid snow covered mountains, there are variations in the color, shape, size, shape of the living species of various species. According to American biologist EA.Norse and his associates, the biodiversity is the diversity of all types of organisms and plants in all environments, including water, land. About 5 million species of different species of animals and plants are present in only one-half of the world’s 7 billion species. In the vicinity there are several species of organisms and plants that protect our environment and protect the environment.

There are many different types of plants in the environment that help keep mankind alive. We need oxygen to survive; this is the oxygen we get from the plant. We live our responsibility to protect the environment.The biodiversity is:

Genetic diversity: Genes are the main source of biodiversity the gene that carries the biological one from one parent to another is the gene. The combination of gene carriers, called genetic variation, is due to the biological diversity that occurs within a single species.

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Ethnic diversity: According to scientist Edward Wilson (1992), there are between 10 million and 50 million living species in the world. However, only 1.5 million living species and 3,00,000 fossil species have been discovered and named. In the meantime, many species are becoming extinct because of their lack of balance.

Ecological diversity: Depending on the environment, the biological diversity that arises among the biological resources residing in different ecosystems is called ecological diversity. Various physical elements of the environment, such as altitude, warmth, latitude, latitude, etc. can cause biological diversity.

How does biodiversity protect the environment?

We need oxygen to survive, just as we need oxygen to survive. We get these two from the plant. Just as plants provide oxygen, they give us food to survive. The main source of food in our daily life, such as rice, everything else comes from this plant.

All kinds of organisms in this ecosystem help to save the environment. Mankind with the living world. Our peasant friends do farming. As the species survives through this farming, on the other hand, there are different types of animals living on the agricultural land. Such as rats, rabbits, birds of different species. They survive by eating crops. However, they do great harm to agriculture. It is our duty to protect our various species of animals from this loss, and thereby protect the neighborhood. We kill the snake in the normal way, but you know what? This snake protects our environment or agriculture from rats. Food of rat snakes. Just as a snake protects its balance by eating rats, this snake is the main food of some animals. Such as peacocks, hawk, bees and other animals. They all protect our environment.

The relationship of biodiversity with budget and plan:

We can use the budget plan to save this biodiversity. At the moment, our humankind has suffered a huge loss. We have seen Amazon burn a wildfire called the lungs of the world. The demand for oxygen around the world is met by Amazon. Currently India has increased its focus on biodiversity with this budget plan. Our budget plans will be designed in a way that does not harm the biodiversity in our environment. On the other hand, more plants should be the root of the budget plan. Currently, the state of West Bengal in India has looked at such plans.

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