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The role of organic food in human life


Healthy means we are physically healthy. And the right to health is to eat good food. good food means organic Food.  From the village to the present, everywhere in the city, say, chemical additives or fruits Unknowingly, the body of the disease begins to build up.

What does organic food really mean?

Generally speaking, organic food means that all foods that are produced in a completely natural way without chemicals or pesticides. And this type of farming, any kind of food that is produced entirely by organic fertilizers.

Organic Foods

A report by the Scientific Committee of the United States House of Lords states that antibiotics used in animal and fish foods have different microbiological properties in humans.

What is Organic Food? Why eat organic food?

Organic food is the center of global practice. Research on the topic of ‘Organic Food and Farming, Myth and Reality’ has been conducted by five organizations around the world and found that this type of food contains a lot of antioxidants which is very useful to the body.

Why eat organic food?

It is beyond our imagination what people are doing in the market of Competition in the hope of gaining more or gaining their own interests.

And to keep yourself healthy in this competition market, you have to choose organic food. Currently we believe in ready made or packaged foods. It is beyond our knowledge how safe these packaged foods are.

Do you know what’s in your food?

We are seeing in many cases that the fruits are used in the ripening of ethylene or carbide. Fish, meat, milk, vegetables, fruits are often sprayed formalin to keep them fresh. The colours of biscuits, beans, noodles, bread are given in it to highlight the colour of the leather. Harmful urea is being added to the pop rice. The use of poisonous chalk powder running freely in flour or sugar. Chromium and toxic chemical wastes are used in chicken and fish feed.

Watermelon or litchi or strawberries are rarely injected.

Soybean oil from mustard is rarely mixed with palm oil, animal fat or starch with cyanide to maintain its smell and colour.

At present, the products of various companies are being duplicated in the market which goes beyond our thinking, which is real and which is fake. Although companies are aware of us through their own hallmarks.

The prolonged use of high levels of antibiotics in animal and fish foods is causing chronic side effects in the human body. The result is a horrible disease, even that causes cancer.

There are various types of chemicals used in the diet which gradually damage our heart, kidney activity, nerves.

Hydrogen peroxide causes deadly cancer in various types of dermatitis, even respiratory, kidney, stomach.

We are inadvertently entering harmful chemicals like formalin, carbide or azinamoto every day, and the onset of stomach upset, dry cough, diarrhea, ulcer and lung disease.

Do you know Acetic acid and formaldehyde inhibit the circulation of oxygen in the cells of the body, thereby increasing the stroke, headaches or blood pressure day by day. you can keep organic smart cart in kitchen house. Use organic food that is rich in nutrients and maintains a stable development of the environment.


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