What is the number of coronary virus dead?

Corona virus has been the cause of panic for nearly a month. At present, the death toll in China is around 2840

According to the National Health Commission of China (according to health officials, on Friday they have identified 827 new diseases. Of the 47 people, 45 died in Hubei).

According to the National Health Commission of China, Hubei province is the main epidemic of the virus. On the other hand, 45 people died from Beijing and Henan. According to the Health Commission, 248 are on the list of suspects.

According to the National Health Commission of China, health officials.

2888 people got their leave from the hospital on Friday And the number of serious diseases has dropped from 24 to 7,664৪.

To date, a total of 39,002 people have been cured and sent home.

So far the coroner virus has reached about 45 countries, including the United States, Singapore, Italy and Iran.

North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un said Corona. So far sixteen people have died in South Korea after being a victim of coronas. Pyongyang is moving because of the neighboring situation.

The number of people in South Korea is increasing day by day. 219 people were attacked there.

 In all, the number of victims has increased to about 150.

However Dr.Stephen morse and Dr. Syra Madad said in a post on social media that the corona virus was mentioned by them because it did not come with a bat soup ……… let’s see what the urge is.

The Healthcare Organization said they have begun a new test to detect corona virus.

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