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What is the use of nebulizer in shortness of breath?

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What is the use of nebulizer in shortness of breath?: At present most people get cold and hot during this special summer. Many people have coughed so much that they need oxygen. This time the only hope of the nebulizer. Nebulizers are also very important for those who have asthma or lung disease in their family.

The use of drugs through nebulizers is a safe and reliable treatment for respiratory diseases in children and the elderly. But what is the use of nebulizer, how to take care, or what precautions must be followed? But how much people do know about these? Many people do not have a clear idea about this. If you do not know the correct use of the nebulizer, how to recognize a good nebulizer and care!

What is a nebulizer?

The nebulizer is not a drug; it is a drug application machine. Instead of eating, you just have to use a mixture of drugs directly through the inhaler. This device compresses the liquid medicine and converts it into a spray or aerosol with air or oxygen. So this vapor easily enters the lungs with the breath and relieves shortness of breath. And the treatment to relieve shortness of breath with a nebulizer is known as a nebulizer. There are different types of nebulizers. But nowadays the ultrasonic machine mechanism is used more. Because it is easy and convenient to use.

Parts of the nebulizer

The nebulizer has several parts. The spray is extracted with pressure through a compressor. It connects the compressor to the medicine chamber of the nebulizer through a tube. And in the nebulizer, the liquid medicine in the medicine chamber is converted into aerosol or spray or made breathable quickly. Mouthpiece, medicine cap, mask are all there. Modern technology nebulizers have buttons to regulate speed.

What does the nebulizer do?

Usually, nebulizers are given to very young children and the elderly who cannot pull the inhaler directly or take medicine for any reason. I do not know what nebulizer works, but let’s go!

According to experts, the nebulizer reduces respiratory inflammation, reduces abnormal swelling in the bronchi, and heals respiratory infections faster.

How to use it?

Of course, during use, it is important to make sure that the components used in the nebulizer are completely safe and properly assembled. Rinse mouthpieces and masks in warm water for 30 seconds before use. Then they have to be dried in the air. Before applying for medicine, make sure that it is completely dry and clean. The patient should be kept in a comfortable bed or semi-bed position while nebulizing. However, it can be done sitting.

The prescribed dose as per the doctor’s prescription should be covered with a medicine cap and safety cap. Modern nebulizers have a regulator that can reduce or increase the speed. There is also an automatic shutdown system. Mouthpiece or mask is to be applied in the prescribed place. Slowly breathe deeply inside the mask which should be held for 2-3 seconds before releasing. 3-6 ml of liquid is a nebulizer in 5/10 minutes. The fluidity of the drug, the amount, the mode of the nebulizer depends on how long it may take.

Some caution

After nebulization, respiratory problems are solved instantly. If it does not reduce the use of breathing more than twice, you should take the advice of a specialist doctor. How many times to use for a patient, what will be the dose of the medicine, these should be done with the advice of a doctor. It is safe to use mouthpieces in elderly patients. Hands should be washed with soap or hand wash before and after using the nebulizer, and equipment should also be sterilized in hot water. However, caution is required in use.



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