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What kind of food will increase immunity to avoid corona infection?


What kind of food will increase immunity to avoid corona infection?: The coronavirus has been around for a long time but today we are still terrified after so many days. The word corona panic is now a daily thing for everyone. We all understand but don’t believe it. After being locked down for a long time, the lockdown is going on again on an area basis. No antidote has yet been discovered or the process is underway. However, the world’s medical community thinks that the only way to increase their immunity in this situation And not only to avoid have corona can infection if the immune system is good, but you also easily stay away from any disease. Let’s take a look at some foods that will increase your immunity.

Immunity is usually of three types. The first is natural. That is, the child is born with immunity. The second is adaptive. That is, people receive immunity throughout their lives. The other three are passive or board immunity. In the case of infants, that is breast milk.

Immunity is your body’s defense system. Immunity will give you the strength to fight against any kind of virus, bacteria. So it must be kept strong. Proper diet, adequate sleep, and exercise can help boost immunity. Do you know which foods on the food list will increase your immunity?

If you can eat 60 grams of almonds every day, then the body will get a lot of vitamin E. Immunity will increase naturally. It is very beneficial to eat a few cloves of garlic every morning. It contains a variety of antioxidants. This can directly fight bacteria. It is better to in cooking. But playing raw is more beneficial.

You probably know the name of turmeric as an antioxidant or anti-bacterial ingredient. Can be eaten in raw turmeric water. You must eat turmeric in cooking. But playing raw will increase immunity quickly.

Ginger helps a lot in boosting immunity. Can be chewed raw. Or eat with tea. You can eat homemade yogurt or yogurt. Yogurt among various dairy products rapidly enhances immunity.

Green vegetables or a variety of fruits always boost immunity. Now maybe many are not getting everything. Still, if you can eat papaya, kiwi is good. Make it a habit to drink tea for now, not coffee. It is best to eat green tea. Immunity will increase rapidly.

It is true that if you can eat all the foods listed above, you will get the best results. But even if you don’t have everything, if you can eat a few things, it will still be beneficial. Some of these things are in everyone’s home. No need to procure separately. Add all this to the menu. Increase immunity. Stay healthy.


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