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What to do if jaundice?


Jaundice:  As the seasons change, human bodies often have problems catching many. Colds, coughs, especially. In addition to this, many times, such as jaundice, are more common in March-April. In fact, jaundice is not a disease.

Jaundice may be due to various reasons. Jaundice is the cause of liver inflammation. Jaundice can occur in the liver, especially due to various drugs, viruses and excess alcohol intake. Experts say hepatitis E, A and B are the major causes of liver inflammation. The first two are water and food and the third is spread through blood. Usually hepatitis A virus is the cause of jaundice in children, but people of any age can be infected with hepatitis E and B virus.

According to experts, the appearance of jaundice when the colour of urine, eyes and skin are yellow. There may be jaundice for a variety of reasons. In this case it is necessary to consult a doctor. Neglecting jaundice can be terrifying. In addition, jaundice patients have to be in many types of diet. Because not all types of food can be eaten at this time.

What to do if jaundice?

How to prevent?

Experts say that excess sunshine of jaundice patients is not good for the body. The cold place is very beneficial for their body. They should always eat pure food and water.

Getting the Hepatitis B vaccine is very important for every human being. After the jaundice, there is no vaccine. So it is good to be careful from the beginning. The advice of these doctors is necessary because in many cases it is necessary to get blood in the body.


According to experts, jaundice has no such medicine. Because it is not a disease. According to experts, jaundice occurs when excess bilirubin is removed. However, when the amount of bilirubin returns to normal, the jaundice recovers. So at this time adequate rest is the basic treatment. Not only that, according to experts, it is not advisable to take any medication at this time without the doctor’s advice.


During this time the patient will have to be very careful about food. Drinking cold foods like yogurt, sugarcane juice is beneficial for the body. Because of this disease in water content, it is healthier to boil water or to drink mineral water. Because it is caused by a malicious water-borne virus.

It is important to remember that outdoor junk food is very harmful at this time so it is best to remove all these foods.

It is important to pay attention to food.

Experts say jaundice causes liver problems, especially liver problems. So it’s best to stay away from fatty foods. Eating more vegetables is more beneficial. Eating these liquid foods is very beneficial. However, many times everyone thinks that jaundice should drink more water or more sugarcane juice, coconut water, glucose syrup. According to experts, this idea is not perfect. Just like a normal person eats a meal, Jaundice patients have to eat a meal. However, sugarcane juice is one of the most common medicines in our jaundice.

Why is newborn jaundice?

Generally, human blood contains a substance called bilirubin. Generally, we know that bilirubin is removed from the blood and the body through the liver. And after they are removed, the liver gets rid of it by urinating and excreting. This pigmented bilirubin is high in blood and the skin is yellow. And if there is more bilirubin than the amount that can be removed in newborns, it is jaundice. Depending on various factors, jaundice can occur in different ways. For example, anatomical jaundice, jaundice from breast milk, jaundice is due to incompatibility of the blood group.


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