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Why Arshad Warsi will sell kidneys?


Why Arshad Warsi will sell kidneys!: Work was stopped due to corona infection and lockdown. So the Maharashtra government requested the companies to suspend their electricity bills for three months to address the common man. No electricity distribution company sent the bill in March-May with that request predominant. The bill has started coming again since June.

And seeing the amount of that bill, hands on the head of the common man to Bollywood stars. Meanwhile, Soha Ali Khan has started tweeting Adani Power, which is in charge of power distribution in Mumbai. That list has names from Huma Qureshi to Raj Kundra. This time Arshad Warsi (Arshad Warsi on electricity bill) entered the list.

However, the Bollywood circuit has ridiculed the imported power in a joking tone without walking the path of direct protest. On Sunday, Arshad Warsi appeared in an interview with the Bombay Times.
Tweeting about that interview, the actor wrote, “Thanks Rachna and Bombay Times. Please buy my drawings. Adani Power will have to pay the electricity bill. I have allocated a kidney for next month.”

Just what are the status of electricity bills in different provinces and different villages of the country. The condition of the people in the middle class is like bringing fish from the water to the shore. let’s see the viral post.



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