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Why Burnt puppets of Farah,Ravina & Bharati?


Farah Khan is an Indian film director, producer, actress and choreographer. He has made himself known in many Bollywood films for choreography. He has shown choreography art in more than a hundred of his songs.When choreographer Saroj Khan released the film ‘Jo Jita Oh Sikandar’, Farah took over. He then choreographed several songs. Shahrukh Khan and Farah Khan work together in many films.

He was nominated for the Tony Award as Best Choreographer in the 28th for his work at Mamasu Wedding, Bombay Dreams, Vanity Fair.

He also received the Filmfare Best Choreography Award 9 times. His first film as a director was ‘Mai Hoon Na’ where Shah Rukh was the protagonist of the film. His second film ‘Om Shanti Om’ earned maximum revenue at the time of its release and was widely acclaimed both at home and abroadWith that, his film ‘Tis Mar Khan’ is finished. She made her debut as the lead actress in the film with her hero Boman Irani starring ‘Shirin Farhad Ki To Nickal Padi’.other than was hit with his ‘Happy New Year’.

At present, charges have been filed against director Farah Khan, comedian Bharati Singh and actress Ravina Tandon in Amritsar in Punjab. These allegations appear to provoke religious sentiments against Farah,bharati and Rabina.

Why Burnt puppets of Farah, Ravina & Bharati? the director apologized.

On Friday, the United Christian Dalit Front, which was supplied by the Christian Brotherhood, chaired by Valla Christ of the Punjab and former member Christian Welfare Board and a mass rage, was the procession in the Ajanala markets of Amritsar and three celebrity idols were lit.

Speaking on the issue, the white Christian said that all three personalities have dishonored the Christian brotherhood with utmost obscenity and that society will never tolerate this act. He claimed that the three accused should not be detained as soon as possible so they would be forced to further their performance and block the Christian Brotherhood’s treasury bridge in the coming days.

All three have been accused of using the word Christian in a private web and YouTube channel for a joke program. On the other hand, on Christmas day, a protest was organized on the unidentified Amritsar side of Christianity, after which Punjab police verified the video and filed an FIR.

However, in the midst of controversy, Farah Khan tweeted and apologized.

He apologized for hurting religious sentiment in this tweet. He wrote in his tweet – I’m deeply sorry that because of our recent episode, people have been hurt emotionally. I respect every religion and I had no intention of hurting anyone. My whole team- Ravina Tandon, Bharti Singh and I apologize and apologize.



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