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Why need antioxidant foods?


Anti-oxidant:  In today’s era, most people in the city, from village to village, are aware of the health. Most people take care of their own health or the health of their family. Nowadays, people suffer from diabetes. So the importance of antioxidants has increased. Antioxidant helps to increase the body’s immunity. Besides, antioxidant maintains the skin of human body. We need to know how much antioxidant the body needs. It is also important to know that we will get antioxidants from some foods.

Why antioxidants needed?

Experts believe that the human body needs antioxidants for various reasons. Antioxidant is very slight in body, but its role is huge. According to experts, foods rich in antioxidants help to increase the immune system of the human body. Even antioxidants help prevent cancer. These are the reasons why the body needs antioxidants –

Antioxidant helps maintain the skin of the human body. After all the work, we feel tired. Anti-oxidant eliminates fatigue all day long. It helps us maintain memory. Anti-oxidant helps maintain vitality. Anti-oxidant helps maintain vitality. Anti-oxidant helps to reduce the loss of vitamin C & A. In addition, antioxidants are especially useful for diabetics. Antioxidants prevent any problems of heart disease, eye diseases, and memory problems.  Have many health benefit of antioxidant foods.

What can happen in the absence of antioxidants?

Lack of anti-oxidants reduces immunity to the body. Various problems with the liver begin. It can be said that antioxidants are all that is needed to maintain youth or youth. And what can be better if these antioxidants are filled with certain foods?

Some foods contain antioxidants.

The food we eat every day is antioxidant. Antioxidants are very high in various vegetables and fruits. Apart from vegetables and fruits, many foods have antioxidants, such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, Nutmeg, Green Tea, Pineapple, Grape, Corn, Red Flour, Almond Oil, Olives, Apricot, Vegetable Oil, Broccoli. Etc.

Green Tea plays a vital role in the benefit of the human body. Green Tea helps to release the toxins that accumulate inside the body. Because green tea contains antioxidants and protects the immune system from disease.

These dates contain all types of phytochemical antioxidants. Palm contains anthocyanin named antioxidant. It works to increase energy. They contain dates, beta-carotene, vitamin ‘C’,  and chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid helps reduce blood pressure in the human body.


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