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Why need health insurance?


what is insurance? In rural society, trees are friends of danger. In the past, people in villages used to plant a lot of trees, especially around their homes. To avoid the dangers of sudden. Because financial problems are not worn. In the present case, it is very difficult to find expensive treatments especially for the middle class. In such a situation, money or money is the problem for everyone in the middle class. But if there is a tree with which we can get full treatment without feeling financially deficient. We would like to have a friend like tree named health insurance.

Health insurance benefits

In the case of serious health problems and expensive treatments, health insurance can save us from the crisis. At present, various companies offer health insurance in the market. Health insurance becomes very important in terms of growing cases of services. In this case you can pay monthly or yearly. But you can avoid stress and a lot of financial trouble in the event of a medical emergency.

Get rid of worry.

If you have health insurance, you do not have to spend money on treatment, as insurance companies have relationships with different hospitals. It gives you cashless benefits for treatment. That is, inform your insurance at the hospital and get your treatment. Get rid of thoughts.

Why need health insurance?

The insurance policy also includes the ambulance rentals to bring the patient to the hospital. An insured person gets some bonus points if he does not claim in the previous year.

Free medical checkups, in which many insurance policies cover the cost of health check up.

Many insurance companies also offer health check benefits based on your previous NCB. You should take advantage of your health check-up.

Tax exemption benefits.

The premiums paid for health insurance are exempt from tax under Section 80D of the Income Tax Payment Act. You can also get information from the insurance company.

There are different types of health insurance. For example, private health insurance, family health insurance plans, senior citizen health insurance plans, surgery and insurance plans for serious illnesses, personal accident insurance, bar insurance for certain types of cancer. You only have to offer insurance on cancer.

Personal health insurance covers the amount of money spent on someone who has taken out health insurance and covers the cost of hospitalization. The premium is determined by the age of the insured.

Personal accident insurance, In the event of an accident, the insurance company provides protection. The premium depends on the amount of cover you want.

Then the Family Health Insurance Project. In this scheme, all the family members are insured for different diseases under one policy. This sets a certain amount for the insurance company, in which case all or one of the families can get one.

Senior Citizens Health Insurance Plans, which are over 60 years old. It provides protection against elderly people with various health problems.

Insurance plans for surgery and serious illness. This plan is suitable for those who need treatment for serious diseases like kidney failure, paralysis, cancer, heart attack, etc. Because treatment for such health problems is very expensive, even though the premium is high.



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