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Hope for the final is over:

Vinesh Phogat could not reach the final this time. India’s Vinash Fogat could not stand in front of Japan’s Mayu Mukaira in the 53 kg division of the World Wrestling Championship. The competition is being held in Noor-Sultan, Kazakhstan. Although the road to the finals is closed, Vinash is still likely to win a bronze medal. In the quarterfinals, India’s top seed was defeated by Sarah Hildebrandt of the United States. But there is still a small opportunity in front of him. What he does against Mukaira in the Rapture Round is big. If Japanese wrestlers reach the finals, then the bronze will be out of the hands of the Venetian, as well as the 2020 Olympics.Vinesh Phogat

This was Venice Fogat’s second season this season against the Japanese contender. The two-time world champion had to face defeat at the Asian Championship in China. The Commonwealth and Asian Games trophy has already been in the hang of Venezuela but the World Championship has not yet come. In the other Olympic category, Sima Bisla lost 2-1 to Maria Sadnik of Azerbaijan, three-time Olympic medalist. Azerbaijan has reached the semifinals.



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